a new adventure

so haaaaaaayyyyyyyy~

sup? :3

a new adventure

i’m vixxie && i am a fashion blogger in recovery. you may (or more likely, may not) know me from my old look-of-the-day type of blog, where i thought myself a fashionista. but it’s been months since i closed that blog and to be very honest i… i missed blogging.

not the fashion, mind you. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i doubt there’s anyone on the grid that shops more than i do. new event? vixxie’s there. new sale? vixxie’s there. new releases? new gift? new hunt? vixxie’s most definitely there. but i always felt *obligated* to blog things, whether they were things i bought myself or things that (very kind && very generous && very talented) designers sent to me, and that made blogging less and less fun. the more it felt like a chore, the less i enjoyed it and the less i enjoyed being on second life as a whole, so it was definitely a good decision to close that blog down~

howeveeerrrrrr! if you know me, then you know i love to write. short stories, comics, roleplaying.. i’m kind of *into* the whole writing thing. so after lots of thought, i decided i’d start up a new blog. only this time, write only about my absolute favorite subject: me!

less fashion, more vixxie.. and all about the (mostly stupid) things i do in sl. inspired very much by one of my favorite “everday” sl blogs, written by the lovely alicia chenaux. no pressure to blog the things i buy, no obligations to keep writing when i have nothing to say… just me, my friends, my computer, my second life and wordpress. and of course, anyone else that may happen to wanna read my ramblings (/me waves!).

plus it’s a good way to show off the pictures i take in sl, which i still do quite a bit. that’s one of the things i love most about second life (besides shopping, ahem), is setting up that perfect shot. being a fashion blogger only made me love the whole snapshot-taking process that much more, so at least now i have an excuse to indulge those whims when i feel ’em. it’ll be a good thing…

…i hope.

so while i sit here with my compy, in my living room, listening to the soft sound of the ocean outside… i gotta say, getting back to blogging feels really really good.

the only trouble is, now i gotta do *more* than just lounge around in my living room and actually, y’know, do things that’ll be interesting to blog about.

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  1. vivitailleur

     /  April 3, 2013

    cute!!!!! 😀


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