my hair is amazing

look at my hair, my hair is amazing..

give it a lick, mm it tastes just like raisins..

my hair is amazing

erm, well. i dunno about raisins specifically, but it just might taste like pure unadulterated awesome.

so! a little back-story before i explain the hair~

i was hanging around with bff vivi (who you’ll become quite familiar with if you read my blog frequently – she’s my bestie in my first life as well as my second) and we’re browsing the fashion feeds, blogs and flickr…. you know, as you do when you’re fashionista obsessed. and we come across a post about one of blah’s newest releases, which not only includes a super cute dress… but the vendor ad has a freakin’ amazing hairstyle.

vivi said it immediately made her think of heimerdinger and we knew we had to go see it.

now she && i may be the last people on the grid to ever visit curio obscura, but she and i srsly had a BLAST!

everything there was so quirky and awesome! we saw clown cars (that scrunch you up teeny to fit inside it), marionette strings and poses, funky full avatars, magical wands, tentacle monsters and a really fantastical build. everything was steampunk and animated and i’ve not been that impressed with a store’s build in a long, long time.

the best part though, by far, was the haaaaaaaaair~~

to demo things, you have to sit in a special chair (i’m sitting in it in the picture above) and then the machine plops a hair demo on your head. make sure your neck can handle some extra weight, ’cause some of the hairstyles available were massive.. and seriously some of the most creative things i’ve ever seen!

some had cakes adorning the hair, some were animated like clockwork, some were big and bouncy… but they all were incredibly impractical and spectacular.

we found the hair we were there to look for (it’s a pity the demo didn’t come in heimerdinger’s yellow!), but we stayed for so long afterwards… trying on hair demos and exploring the rest of the store. there was so much to see and try out, we probably could’ve spent hours and hours in curio obscura just *looking* at it all.

but i think the thing we spent the most time playing with..

..were the wands we won from a gatcha.

vivi got *super* lucky and pulled a rare from the machine — one that looks very much like a wand from sailor moon — and she && i spent a long time playing around with the animations and particles. SO cute!

i need to go back and pick up so many things… i think i definitely need that tall rococo hair for no other reason than just to have it… and some of the typing overrides were too cute for words… and i spied a pair of stilt-heel boots that would make me taller than the tallest glamazon out there (insert evil cackling here), but man! i love discovering new-to-me stores that are this awesome! exploring curio obscura was some of the most fun i’ve had in a second life store in a long, long time~

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