pretty boy

i’m not sure why i am the one who always gets stuck guy shopping, but i am. every few weeks.. months… i get a “i need a new skin/hair/outfit, where do i go?” kind of IM from the guys on my friends list and it inevitably ends up as a long ass shopping spree.

and i mean, i thought that *i* was bad when it comes to shopping but i’m usually in && out of stores fairly fast. let things rez, grab demo, try it on, fall in love, pick color, buy. done. but with my guy friends…. it’s more like.. let things rez, ask vixxie where the #$*( is the demo, buy demo, try on demo, hmm and hmmmmmmm over demo, try another demo, try a different size, go back to first demo, grab a third demo for something else, try first demo again.. and repeat ad nauseum.

but sometimes, these shopping sprees are worth it. true enough, it may be taxing on my sanity, but when the results end up as a friend of mine looking this pretty..

pretty boy

..well, i suppose i can’t complain, can i?

he’s so yummy, riiiiight? i know! and while i may end up roped into the long, arduous task of TPing a guy all over the grid looking for something as vague as “i dunno, i need some jeans” when the person is, in fact, picky as all hell… i suppose in the end, i do have good taste because my guy friends look fab once i’m done with them.

/me buffs her nails on her shirt

i am *such* a sucker for a man in a tie, so i may have had to wipe a li’l bit of drool off my chin when arik was demoing the shirt he’s gone on up there.. but i think he looks great! hot! sexy, even. i ended up sweetly persuading him into buying said shirt, as well as some shoes and even a new skin, complete with a few facial hair tattoos… because not only am i a sucker for a man in a tie.. but i’m *also* a sucker for a man with some scruff.

and i guess when you have a girl eyeballing you like this..

pretty boy

..then it must be hard to resist her IMs of omg buy ALL the things!! because he seemed to give in rather easily.

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