i’m such a poser

let’s travel back in time a little, shall we?

a couple years ago (2011 to be exact) i tried my hand at making poses… static, photography poses. i wasn’t the best and i knew it, simply because i’ve bought soooo many poses from more talented creators, but it was fun to try! and i made several sets of poses, one of which i set out for free because it was my first time at makin’ them.

after moving my inworld store a few times, and then migrating things to the marketplace, i kind of let my old “brand” fall to the wayside (and i say “brand” with quotes because i never did much with it, to be honest). i didn’t focus on it and closed everything up because i just didn’t have the time for it.

weeeeeelll. i’ve since reopened my store on the marketplace with the very unique name of (.vix) because i’m uncreative && i like my inworld name. x3 and i’ve made several more pose sets on top of the older ones i’d made before.. even including my first tries at making couple poses.

sister from another mister

it’s exciting for me, i must say!