i’m such a poser

let’s travel back in time a little, shall we?

a couple years ago (2011 to be exact) i tried my hand at making poses… static, photography poses. i wasn’t the best and i knew it, simply because i’ve bought soooo many poses from more talented creators, but it was fun to try! and i made several sets of poses, one of which i set out for free because it was my first time at makin’ them.

after moving my inworld store a few times, and then migrating things to the marketplace, i kind of let my old “brand” fall to the wayside (and i say “brand” with quotes because i never did much with it, to be honest). i didn’t focus on it and closed everything up because i just didn’t have the time for it.

weeeeeelll. i’ve since reopened my store on the marketplace with the very unique name of (.vix) because i’m uncreative && i like my inworld name. x3 and i’ve made several more pose sets on top of the older ones i’d made before.. even including my first tries at making couple poses.

sister from another mister

it’s exciting for me, i must say!

i had a lot of respect for pose makers before.. without the right pose, then bloggers can’t properly model the items they’re wearing. without the right pose, the tone of the photograph you’re trying to capture is completely lost. without the right pose, no one understands you’re meaning or what you’re showing. the pose you use in a snapshot can make or break a look && i learned that fast while i was actively blogging. but now that i’ve been making my own poses, my respect for other pose creators on the grid skyrocketed.. because i understand how tough it can be!

making great poses is a lot of work. it’s more than just moving an arm here, a leg there, and then calling it a day. just messing around in the program i use (which, btw, is daz3d if you’re curious~) i’ve been able to learn how the avatar mesh works && how easy it is to deform or break it. trying to make a pose look natural and realistic and still stylish and usable is a task, lemme tell you. but it’s been lots of fun && i’ve been having a blast making “themed” pose sets for anything from jumping and flying.. to posing without worrying about your arms or hands cutting into breast attachments… to zombies comin’ to get you~

creating couples or friends poses is another whole learning process! fitting the poses together, making sure they still look natural, posing guys for the first time(!), using poseballs… this may all be old hat to some of the more seasoned pose-makers out there, but for me it’s a pretty steep learning curve. but again, it’s so fun to do && i have so many ideas floatin’ around in my head that making poses for two or more avatars just opens up so many more options..

i win!

like roping your friends in for vendor ads! /me cackles madly

doing poses combines a lot of things i love about sl… photography, setting up a scene, photo editing.. and getting my friends involved to pose for me or with me just makes it that much more fun~ it may just be a side project for now, and it may just be something i am experimenting with as i learn, but i’ve found i really enjoy all of it.

plus i get to pose my friends all cute ‘n’ stuffs, like this:


which just makes me d’aawww all over the place. bff vivi and her *fiance*(!) are just so adoooooorable and i personally like to think my pose makes them that much cuter. bahahah!

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