pet peeves

i may be a little late with it, but since i have a nice talky kind of blog now (as opposed to my older “non-talky” blog where i seemed to ramble on just fine in, too…. heh), i figured why not participate in a blogger’s meme.. and for my first time (bluuush~), i decided to start with strawberry singh‘s my sl pet peeves meme.

pet peeves

this ought to be fun!

1. really inappropriate attire at a lagfest event
hair fair, skin fair, opening week of c88 or the arcade… you *know* what that’s like. it feels like you’re walking through molasses, everything is gray, and you’re bumping into people no matter which way you turn while trying to get to the stalls you wanna visit. and to your right, there’s a super fashionista in a full ballgown, with a skirt so flexi she looks like an explosion of prims every time she turns around, usually complete with clip-cloppy high heels. to your left, there’s a demure lady with her tatas and hoohah hangin’ out, liquids dribbling out of every orifice, with a tattoo of “cunt”, “slut”, “bitch” or all three scrawled across her ridiculously wide bare backside. behind you, there’s a guy who looks like he has five attachments on every point, with heavily scripted guns and swords and hair and coat and boots and belt and AO and maybe a shoulder pet or.. perhaps… another demure lady attached to his wrist via a particle chain. edited to add: oh and in front of you? there’s the token hapless newbie, slumped over in the default “away” pose, afk and clueless to the fact that there are exactly 80 bazillion other people trying to TP into the event.. and they would be able to get in if said afk person would have gotten the hell out before going away!

meanwhile, i’m bald and in just texture layer clothing.. no AO… trying to contribute to sim lag as little as i possibly can. and i’m wondering why in the hell these people come to a popular, crowded event dressed to the nines. no one is there to look at you… and your scripts, your ugly ball gowns and your blinging clit piercings are just making things more difficult. stop it!! plus ain’t nobody wanna see all o ‘ dat, thank you.

2. t-rex arms
if you look at your avatar and the poor thing wouldn’t be able to reach his balls to scratch ’em, then your arms are too short. if the longest fingernail on your avatar’s hand is still not long enough to reach your ass, then your arms are too short. i mean, if a t-rex is the look you were going for then fine… do your thang. and i know after a certain height, it’s literally impossible to get proportionate arms because the sliders don’t go up that high, but seriously. short arms bug the hell out of me! don’t put your poor avatar through that! i don’t know how someone can look at their shape and go “yeah that looks just fine!” when their hands barely hang past their belly button.

3. not taking no for an answer
sometimes when i’m in SL, i just wanna read through group notices… put together a new outfit… and just be. i wanna sit and redecorate the rooms in my house or i wanna play around with the animations in a new piece of furniture or i wanna work on making new poses or try taking some snapshots… and i don’t wanna come listen to you DJ, i don’t wanna be dragged all across the grid while you look for new hair, i don’t wanna meet your latest and greatest boyfriend or girlfriend. and when i say no thanks, i mean no thanks. whining at me about it only makes me want to punch you in the neck, juuuuuuust sayin~

4. teleporting problems
this may be my own fault, or it may be the fault of the viewer i’m using, or it possibly could be my over-bloated inventory causing problems, buuuuuuut. i hate it when i try to TP back home from a store or from a club or from … anywhere, really.. and SL poops out on me mid-TP and i get booted off. sometimes, this results in me losing my latest purchases.. sometimes this results in all the attachments on my awesome new outfit reverting back to their pre-fitted state… but it always results in making me grumble under my breath.

5. pouncing on me the moment i log in
hearing that little ding-ding of a new IM at the very second i’m rezzing inworld is just annoying. give me a minute to de-cloud, read offlines or group notices, and actually breathe before IMing me. friends in the past have done this and i’m not sure why no one understands why i might need a sec before i feel like talking. i’m not anti-social, and i’ll gladly chat away once i clear away all the clutter of logging in, but just give me a chance to rez before you dive on me.

ahhh, that feels so good to get those things off my chest! @_@ someone remind me to do more of berry‘s memes in the future, okay?

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