soooooo, y’know how i said someone should remind me to do berry‘s memes more often? it’s like… she heard me and put another one up for all of us bloggers to partake in.

naturally, i’ve gotta do it! and even though it gets a li’l personal for my tastes, i put on my honesty hat and am ready to divulge some stuffs.


my second life firsts.. let’s get to it~

First SL Friend: well. my first friend in SL technically was bff vivi, but i know her in my RL too. so i’m guessing she doesn’t reeeeeeeally count… even though i dragged her ass into SL with me. ;P by force. it wasn’t pretty.

the first friend i made *in* SL is named doc. vivienne && i were at sleek one night when we were still newb-ish (does this club even exist anymore? i’ve not thought about it in ages!) and there was some goofball dancing around with a butt on his face. no, literally… a butt on his face. a big, prim ass with eyes and a cigarette in the.. ahem.. hole. you can see it right here if you’re curious, because yes… yes i did blog the assface on my “fashionista” blog way back when. oh dear.

anyway! doc was totally tryin’ to troll the club but he danced with vivi and i for a long time. and he’s been my friend ever since!

First SL Kiss: gonna be honest here, i cannot remember. :s i assume it was with one of the guys i “dated” way back when i first joined SL, but i don’t remember which one of those lucky fellas was my first.

First SLex time/place/partner: this, however, i do remember. if we’re talkin’ just.. first time in general, it was with a guy who DJed at a club i went to all the time. a lot of my first encounters with the opposite sex in SL were met in clubs and i have a “thing” for DJs, as you’ll soon see, but aaaaaanyway. we sexy talked in IMs, no poseballs or animations. we weren’t even standing in the same sim and i was telling him all kinds of dirty things while i shopped for hair and clothes. heh.

if we’re talkin’ actual poseball slexing, then my first was with another DJ (do we see a pattern here? oy) who i briefly dated… and he took me to one of those cheesy romantic sims. soft, smooth jazz on the music stream and lots of hot tubs, pillows, couches and beds strewn around.. all with pink && blue poseballs attached. he wasn’t subtle and asked if we could try the animations just to see what they looked like and i humored him. and humored him. and humored him some more. it was very awkward… like, insanely awkward because his avatar was much taller than mine and thus, all the animations were WAY off (ie, certain bits of his poking out where they really shouldn’t, rofl) but that was my first.

First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: i dated a few guys briefly, including both DJs in the previous answer, but i wasn’t partnered to anyone until last year. O: my partner Lars was…. yeah, you guessed it… also a DJ. he and i kind of fell out of touch though after a while, i took a hiatus from SL and then he has as well, so that partnership kinda fizzled off into oblivion.

First SL Job: i’ve never had one! i suppose you could consider blogging a job, but i’ve not had a job *inside* SL. i’ve kinda always wanted to try hosting at a club, but i don’t like the idea of having to spam gestures all the time.. which seems to be the norm in most clubs… so i’ve not really gone out and tried it.

First SL Creation: i think it was a t-shirt. i got the avatar UV templates and tried my hand at creating and it was just not good. i saved the shirt in my inventory for a long time before deleting it out of embarassment. it was hot pink, my favorite color, and had some paint splotches or something on it. no actual fabric texture, no shading, no folds or creases. and even then i knew it was bad.

First Encounter with a Linden: i spotted Torley Linden at what i remember to be some sort of homes and garden expo. he was running around in a teeny little avatar and he showed up on my radar and i had a heart attack. i spent *so* much time in the early days of my SL learning things from his vidtuts && i was completely starstruck when i saw him in world. i really regret now not at least typing a “friendly greetings!” to him in local or in IM, but i was so intimidated and giddy that i think i just TP’d out of the sim before i did anything stupid.

First Encounter with a SLebrity: to me, the “slebrities” of SL have always been content creators. and the first time i spoke to a content creator i admired was when hunain bellic IMed me to ask if i was satisfied with the tattoo i’d purchased from his store, HUZ. i was really impressed by that (and even raved about it here on my blog at the time) and it made him seem much more personable. i’d never been contacted by a content creator before, so that made me feel awesome. and because of it, i snagged several other tattoos and they’re still in my regular tattoo rotation as well. i’m even wearing a HUZ tattoo in the picture above!

First SL Sim you fell in love with: CAKE! caaaaaaake! my friend doc (the same doc in #1!) showed the cake sim to me a long time ago && we spent so much time there, hanging out. i’m not talking about the hair store cake, but the sim that was literally just.. cake. the ground was pink and looked like frosting, there were donuts and cupcakes and gumdrop trees everywhere… i liked it so much that i even took blog pics there (seen here and here) but the sim as a whole was just too cute. we had a lot of good times there and i was super sad to see it close, but at least i have some nice pics of it and.. of course, all the memories too~

First SL Blog Post: orange-skinned vixxie incoming! the first post i ever wrote about second life is right here, complete with weirdly sized pictures.. awkward text… and a rather interesting outfit. don’t judge me.

okay so that was a little more embarrassing than i thought it would be, but it brought back some really awesome memories.. and some not so awesome ones, too. xD

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  1. Your honesty hat is totally adorable! ❤


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