exploring is one of the best things you can do in SL. seriously! open up the destination guide or type a few keywords into search && suddenly, you’re running all over the grid with your bestie.

bff vivi and i did just that the other night and ended up on a sim called hazardous. it was absolutely beautiful and we spent the better part of the evening, just walking around and looking at all the pretty~

click to see it larger!

suppose the pretty included us (obviously! i mean, have you seen vivienne? she’s every kind of gorgeous), but i’m focusing on the sim here. ;P

there are so many photo-fantastic spots on this sim. the build is centered around a large rock formation, with a flat grassy top and a gorgeous valley with a waterway running through it. the entire place is serene and relaxing and wonderfully detailed… with lots of little places dotted around for sitting or cuddling or dancing or…

click to see it larger!

…just hanging out.

get it? hanging out? no?…

anyway. xD

even though there were (understandably) a lot of other avatars around, it was still a peaceful place to explore. vivi && i loved the ambiance on this sim — in some places, things are run-down and broken while, in contrast, other places were lush and beautiful — and we both thought it’d be a really great place to go on a romantic sorta date. not much to distract you other than the lovely surroundings. and even if it may be busy there’s still a feeling of privacy, so finding somewhere to sit down and talk is so, so easy.

click to see it larger!

i love finding places like this. i mean, don’t get me wrong… my home is relaxing too. we have the open ocean outside our windows and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. it’s usually quiet and of course, i love the house we’re living in (vivi && i are roomies, if you didn’t know!), but finding a sim that’s so perfect for tranquility is a nice change of pace.

plus for photogs? it’s wonderful~ the sim is pretty but subdued, which won’t detract from fashiony-type photographs.. and, as i tried to within the best of my ability, landscape shots are effortless here. every angle you can imagine has something interesting in it, while still being just flat-out pretty.

my only advice when visiting this sim would be… sit on everything, you never know what kind of surprises you might find. and…

click to see it larger!

…make sure you read the signs.

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