double v

it’s meme time again (yay with me! YAYYY) && this time, it’s all about our names…

strawberry singh put together the sl names meme, so you know i’ve gotta do it.

double v

it’s not a peace sign, it’s a V! V for Vixxie! ,v,,

anyway x3 let’s get this meme underway~

What’s your SL name? Vixxie Vultee, pronounced… uh. vick-see vaul-tee? i suppose? at least that’s the way *i* pronounce it.

What made you choose this name? honestly? that now infamous SL-related episode of CSI:NY called down the rabbit hole. that’s how i originally learned about second life and the main girl in the episode (SPOILER: the one who gets murdered lmfao), her avatar’s name was vixxie (or possibly vixie) platinum. so i stole her first name. O:

What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) most commonly, it’s vix. i’ve had people call me vi (don’t do this!!) or vixx (this one is okay, though), too. and i have a very special friend that calls me bagel. yes… yes, he calls me bagel. don’t ask.

What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) i don’t have one! i’ve never had one, either. and i’m gonna add another question to this one: if you don’t have a display name, why not? because i like my name! i like my full name. display names are great for roleplaying, which i don’t do, and are great for adding a partner’s last name to your own name, which i don’t have, and they are great for correcting capitalization or for those users with usernames rather than a first & last name… but i like my name a lot. i don’t see the use for display names for me.

Do you like your SL name? well xD i just answered this, but yes! yes i do!

If you could change your SL name, what would it be? i suppose if i could go back.. i’d pick a different surname that starts with V, because i like my VV initials. but a quick google search shows me that “vultee” is actually related to aircraft.. and that’s not very *me*. but since vultee is what i have, then vultee is me anyway! plus it’s not a very common last name && when i see other avatars with the vultee surname… i feel like we’re long lost kin!

What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? not crazy, but funny instead.. simply because it makes me giggle everytime i see her posting on SLU, not that i lurk SLU all the time or anything… um. right, the name. it’s Isadaft Trollop.

What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? Imnotgoing Sideways or Chosen Few edit: or Empty Inkpen editedit: or Peep Sideshow(!).


how cute is this cafe i’m posing in!?

bff vivi && i discovered this on our random travels with the destination guide and it’s adorable! the vintage vinyl records & cafe is definitely worth a visit.

and yes, yes i am wearing a remix of the outfit i was wearing in my blog post yesterday. don’t judge me! but how fierce is my mustache, amirite?!

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  1. Oh, I feel the same way when I see another Sideshow! lol I always want to bond with them 😀

  2. Peep’s name is definitely very creative LOL I also love Isadaft Trollop, that’s awesome! So jealous of all the people that think of such creative names.


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