i’ve never been one, in *any* life, to have a ton of friends. i much prefer to have a smaller, close-knit group of friends instead. my friends list in sl isn’t full to the brim of people i barely know (and barely talk to) and i don’t have an entire army of acquaintances in my first life, either. if i keep up with this blog like i intend to, you’ll probably see that in my posts — a lot of the same names will appear over && over.

i get suuuuuuuuuper attached to the people i befriend (case in point: kystria, i miss you T_T log the hell back in so i can tell you so!) and most of the friends i’ve made, i consider them family more than just friends. i love my friends, i hope they know that. ❤

but earlier today, i was reminded (again… just as i’ve been reminded exactly 4958345 times before) why vivienne is my bestest best friend, whether the world is virtual or not.


it just gets more and more mushy from here, you have been warned~

vivi is the type of person that can make almost any situation fun. her sense of humor is infectious && is much like my own. dry, sarcastic, but she’s terribly witty. she’s one of the few people that can make me laugh until i can no longer form words and am reduced to fits of high-pitched squeal-giggling.

she has been with me through the very worst times in my real life. times that i will, probably… eventually… talk about here. sad, heart-breaking times… panicked times… and she has swooped in to save my ass more times than i can count. whether it’s fair or not, she && i have shared a lot of the same experiences in life that help us to understand one another better than most other people can.

we have been friends since we were small — we met when we were both around 5 years old. and even though it’s totally aging us here (sorry, vivi!), we’ve been friends for a year shy of a quarter of a decade. she’s been in my life for the majority of it thus far and i don’t think i could ask for a better best friend… for a better sister… than her.

and in sl? we laugh, constantly. we squee over new shoes. we have tons of fun redecorating our home. we tell each other what looks good && what doesn’t. we play with silly gestures and get angry because hug animations never work quite right. we talk about hot guys in clubs, or the pretty ladies in makeup vendors. we listen to music, we have impromptu dance parties… we can be dolled up and classy one minute only to change altogether into something delightfully skanky the next. we spend all morning, after being up all night, shopping on the marketplace and laughing ourselves silly and having the best time since the last time we laughed that hard. we take pictures and we shop (far too much) and in sl, she is just as much of my best friend as she is in my rl.

no matter what we do.. i know it’ll be a blast. and i think that’s why i keep her around. ;p

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  1. vivitailleur

     /  April 17, 2013

    i ❤ you, too. 😛


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