hair haul && inventory management

so. hair.

as a self-proclaimed shopping addict, i have many vices. i can’t pass up a good sale.. i can’t resist new releases from my favorite brands.. i can’t fight temptation off when something catches my eye. and don’t get me wrong, i enjoy shoes and skins and eyes and makeup and shoes and corsets(!) and tattoos and shoes and piercings and shoes just as much as the next girl, but i think… i think my biggest weakness has to be hair.


i just can’t help myself. i have more hair than any fashionista could ever possibly need. i think i could wear a different hair, in a different color, every day for.. oh… the next six months and *never* have to repeat a style.

it’s gotten ridiculous!

my inventory as a whole, even, has gotten craycray. i’ve written before about my battles with my inventory on my old blog… hell, i’ve written *more than once* about my epic inventory wars.. and yet i never seem to learn. i don’t keep up with it. sure, for a few weeks, maybe a few months, i stick with my plans to keep things nice && neat.. but it never works full time.

and then i end up with a seriously bloated inventory, wondering why i’m having crashing problems and issues with rezzing and teleporting troubles.

/me facepalms

so over this last week, i have been ruthless. deleting, not just boxing, but deleting old things i never wear. if something hasn’t seen the light of day in the last year, i tossed it. and the biggest folder to tackle… was my folder of hair.

when i emptied my trash, after deleting a *ton* of older sculpted hairstyles (because i’m 100% a mesh convert these days).. my inventory number dropped 15k.

let me repeat that: my inventory number dropped fifteen FREAKIN’ thousand. that is a LOT of hair. so much hair. and i still have more than i could ever possibly wear.

and so, naturally… the first thing i did when i saw this on flickr, was go and buy more hair.

/me facepalms again

but at least it’s all mesh. pretty, pretty mesh. and these hairstyles are ones i’ve eyeballed && demo’d over and over.. but never ended up buying. so at least i had self control until i saw 75L color packs? i mean, c’mon. it’s truth for 75L. i know i spent all week agonizing over deleting hair i never wore, but this sale is pretty damn good.

have you ever seen a haul video? i admit, i enjoy watching these on youtube… i have some fascination with seeing what other people buy. so here’s my own haul.. a hair haul, if you will… of what i bought at the super fantastic truth sale. hair i definitely didn’t need, but really reeeeeeeeally wanted…

…and i have to say, looks damn good on me too. i could totally be a hair model. is there a market for that?

if not, there should be! i could add it to my list of sl accomplishments. blogger, hoarder, inventory abuser, hair model. sounds like an awesome resume to me.

and i will say, in my defense, that i only came out of the sale with ten new hairstyles. that doesn’t *nearly* come close to the 15k i deleted. so i was a good girl, right?



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  1. The second and last hair in the first hair bundle pick, what are the names, they’re cute! It was so laggy I was just grabbing random demos to try on lol.

    • i’m not sure which two hairstyles you mean, so i’ll tell you the names of all of them in the first collage! xD the large pic is edith2, the two smallest pics are jade (ponytail) and carmen, and the two on the side are kara (top) and aurora (headband). i hope that helps!

      and yeah, i made a list of hair i wanted before the sale and went in and only grabbed the ones on my list. far too packed to be casually putting on demos there!

  2. Lol sorry my comment came out weird. I’m not feeling too well today. 😦 But it’s the kara one. Now to get the demo since it’s uber pretty. ^_^ Thank love!


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