why do i blog?

first of all! i just wanted to say..

thank you for all the kind words yesterday. whether it was on plurk, here on my blog, on flickr or in world… i had so many nice messages yesterday about the post i wrote that it made it all a little easier on me. you have no idea how much that meant to me && i appreciate every single good thought sent my way. you guys are so compassionate and sweet, i’m sending all those good thoughts right back to you. ❤❤

now, with that said! strawberry singh is great at giving me topics to blog about! i’ve been really enjoying her blogging memes and challenges.. they give me something extra to yak on about. ;P but this one is all about blogging in general, so i was pretty excited to tuck in..

why do i blog?

so, why do i blog?.. let’s find out~