vanity, in shades of red

you know how sometimes.. you’re just up on your sky platform, playing around with your inventory, and you end up putting together a look you’re kinda feelin’.. so you take exactly nineteen bijillion pictures of yourself?

vanity, in shades of red

no? just me?……..

i know i can’t be alone in this. ;p c’mon, fess up!

i really don’t know how or why i ended up with this ensemble on.. if you can even call it that. truth be told, i’m not even wearing pants in these photos. gasp! but i needed an excuse to parade around in these new ear gauges from haus of darcy (aka my absolute favorite brand for piercings, hands down) && ended up taking the theme of red and running with it.

sometimes it’s just fun to hit that snapshot button a bunch of times just to see what happens, though, i have to say~

i played around with different windlight settings too. i’ve downloaded a *ton* of them, but i never end up using them as-is. i tweak the colors and the angle of the sun and brighten or darken or… well… basically mash buttons and shove sliders around until something happens that i like.

it’s just fun, for me.. taking photos. and editing them, too, which i’m *trying* to get better at doing. the collage pics aren’t edited but that large single pic way up there at the top has been edited. it’s relaxing and it’s entertaining and i gotta say, i don’t mind staring at my own face for a couple hours to get it all done. does that make me vain?

…yeah, it probably does.

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