when you wish…

…upon a starrrr..

makes no difference who you aaaaaareee…

anything your heart desires will coooooome toooo youuuuuuuu..

when you wish...

okay so i can’t be the only one who really looks forward to ms. singh‘s weekly memes, right? not only have they been lotsa fun, but they’ve also pushed my own boundaries as far as keeping personal things, well, personal.. and that’s definitely a good thing.

this week, it’s all about our second life wishes

1. i wish…. slifers were more social. okay. okay. i can feel you silently judging me with this one, so i’ll explain it! i include myself in this because i am *so bad* at making conversation with strangers (and even with friends too, but that’s a whole other issue), but it’s really easy to feel all alone in sl.. even if there are 60,000(!) people logged in. if i’m just wandering around, i rarely see people talking in local chat. if i’m in a club, 99% of the time the “conversation” there is had all in gestures (though, truth be told, i may be going to the wrong clubs, idk!). everyone has their IMs, their private skyboxes, banlines and parcel privacy on.. and it’s even rare that i get random IMs from newbies with a freenis on. i know it has a lot to do with my own shy issues, but sometimes i wish it was easier to strike up casual conversation in local chat && not feel like a derp. i doubt this is a sl-specific wish, but sometimes it feels like pulling my own teeth out is easier than having a chat with someone else in sl.

2. i wish… viewer woes were a thing of the past. it always seems to be a *thing* with sl that i end up using the viewer that bugs me the least. it’s like the lesser of evils. the one that rezzes the fastest, the one that crashes the least, the one that runs shadows the nicest.. but there’s always a trade off. if i use the official viewer, i don’t have troubles teleporting but i crash more often. if i use firestorm, i can run shadows beautifully and i love all the extra features but things rez sooooo sloooowly. and it’s just annoying having to use one viewer for photographs, one viewer for visiting busy events, one viewer for just normal everyday use… i have no idea how to iron these things all out, or if it’s more of a *me* thing than a *viewer* thing, but it would be lovely if i could just use one and be happy with everything.

3. i wish… that everyone could see as much beauty in sl as i do. yeah, i know this one is a lot like a “i just wish for world peace!” answer, but hear me out! i have a fairly powerful computer, which is a *massive* upgrade from my older laptop, and even though it’s about two years old now.. i am still amazed at how damn pretty second life can really be. i was awestruck the first time i could run sl on a setting higher than lowest-of-the-low.. shadows were spectacular to me… playing around with windlight and seeing a sim’s build the way it was meant to be seen.. all of it is beautiful. i really wish even the people who don’t have a super high-end computer could see sl the way i do. i wish having all the bells && whistles on in sl didn’t require.. y’know… all the bells && whistles. i wish the not new people who even now, to this day, go “huh? how do you change your windlight setting?” and could see sl in all its glory.

there’s so much pretty out there on the grid, like..


the alirium sim, that is always breathtakingly beautiful.


calas galadhon

the calas galadhon group of sims, where each one is just as pretty as the last.


sea salts

the sea salts sim, which is landscaped to perfection && where the first picture way up at the top was taken.

i also wish for a million lindens, a full private sim that i can turn into vixxie’s dream beach and free fatpacks of every past, present and future release from gos because omg yes, but alas.. i am only stuck to three wishes. pity. ;p

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  1. LOL if you manage to get those last wishes, could you let me know which star you wished upon? πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous photos, Vixxie, and a wonderful post!

    • it’s that one riiiight above my fingertips, if you’d like to wish on my star too. good luck finding it. ;P and thank you very much! it’s easy to take pretty pictures when everything is so lovely on the sim already.

  2. I am absolutely in love with all the pics in this post! Very beautiful and very true. I feel much the same as you, especially with #3. Thank you and I’m really happy you enjoy doing the memes. I enjoy reading everyone’s!

    • thank you, berry! that means a lot coming from you. πŸ™‚ i’ve really liked doing these memes, but reading everyone else’s responses is a blast too. your comments are full of awesome blogs i’ve not seen (yet!) and it’s a great place to broaden my own blog reading.

  3. People are supposed to talk to each other on SL? Yea, that’s something I wish I would/could do more too. Alas my shyness gets the better of me more often then not as well, even with friends.

    And fatpacks of Gos releases?! *squeeee* I would die happy! Maybe we could throw in some hair with that. Now to choose which store I’d pick… *dreams*

    • oh i so feel you, aly. there are lots of people out there i’d love to randomly IM or get to know, but i always feel so silly doing it. i always think i’m bothering everyone, lol.

      and i so cannot say no to hair!! i have no idea which brand i’d pick, but those new exile hairstyles are miiiiiiiighty cute~


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