i’m moving

i hate moving. i’m talking about rl here. in sl, it’s so easy… right click & take everything, tp over to your new place, rez it all back out. no need to box stuff up, no need to question do i reeeeeeally need to take this?, no need to rent a truck or hire movers (or enlist all your friends to help, teehee). it’s so simple.. in my virtual life, moving is a breeze. in my real life…. not so much.

moving day

i’m moving this coming tuesday (in just over 24 FREAKIN’ HOURS, on the morning of the 28th, aaaaaaaah), so for now i’m taking a short sl break. i won’t be around at all until probably the 29th (wednesday) because we won’t have internet access hooked up until then. no blog posts, no logging inworld, no plurking, no stalking flickr, no working on my store (nor will i be around for customer service, if you should need me, just as a head’s up!)… i dunno what i’m gonna do with myself!

..no, wait, i know. i’ll be spending those days unpacking everything that’s taken me a good two weeks to box up. ughhsdhghksjg

see you all after i’m de-stressed and unpacked!


can’t handle the truth

in case you haven’t heard, a li’l hair brand called truth is having a contest for poster models…

and since i’ve been a fan of truth’s lovely hairstyles for a long time now, you *know* i had to enter!

to be honest, it’s not even the actual prizes that are the lure for me… though, don’t get me wrong, the 2500L gift card is really awesome && will definitely go to good use if i’d somehow happen to place. but the thing that gave me incentive to enter was the simple fact that i’d see my lovely face on the walls of truth’s new store. and *that* would be freakin’ awesome!

after all, two of my favorite stores already have me plastered upon their walls (which would be haus of darcy on the left && sakide on the right)… it’s all part of my plan to take over the grid, one store at a time, so truth’s contest fits in rather nicely!


don’t judge me

i’m a wee bit late (okay, more than a week late actually), but since i enjoy ms. singh‘s memes so much, i figured i might as well do it… even if it is tardy.


shh, i’m about to tell you my sl guilty confessions. it’s just between you && me, riiiiiiiight?


caribbean queen

you never really realize just how big your house is until you’re forced to spend some time there all by yourself.

my lovely bff vivi left me this morning for a short rl vacay (to the beach no less, the nerve going without me!) && our house in sl seems so large and empty and *quiet* without her…


busy bee

i’ve made more nails! \o/


i wasn’t kidding when i said these were fun to make. even though i’m currently only focusing on my own wants && needs when it comes to nails (how selfish of me!), i’m still excited about releasing these HUDs on the marketplace. it’ll be doubly exciting to see my textures on someone’s nails other than my own ;p but i’m taking baby steps for now~



it’s been a li’l quiet in here! i’m soooooorry, but i promise i have a good reason for that.


i’ve been making stuff! lots of stuff! so much stuff. @_@

can you tell from the pic what it is? probably not (lol ;P) but it’s nails. glorious nails! nails for hands and nails for feets! and i am so flippin’ excited about it!


vixxie’s basics

hi, my name is vixxie, and i am totally addicted to doing memes.

i spied this particular one, by magenta devinna, while on plurk earlier today… and while i’m no longer a “fashion blogger”, it seemed too fun to pass up…

…especially since i stopped blogging fashion all the time, the staples in my wardrobe have more firmly cemented themselves in place. i rarely change skin brands or eye colors or piercings much anymore unless i’m going for something specific, which is a *lot* different than how i used to dress when i was blogging a new look of the day frequently. it wasn’t uncommon for me to switch skins, hair brands, eye colors, piercings, tattoos… several times a day back when i blogged my outfits. but now? my favorites have definitely emerged && i’ve found that most of my outfits tend to start with the same items.

so here are my absolute basics


all the stuffs that i wear frequently, and goes into making me look like me!


close enough

thanks to berry‘s latest meme, about writing a second life haiku, i woke up early this morning… ready to write.

writing a haiku

my arsenal? coffee, cupcakes (aka, fuel for the mind), pencils, and all the blank paper i’d ever need. i was ready, i was willing… i had this in the bag.

..or so i thought.


i made stuff

yeah, i made stuff. :3 yay for me?

lay back & kick off those shoes


i’m honestly not the fastest worker when it comes to makin’ things. i tend to get “inspired” to work on poses at the most random times… and by random, i mean as few times as possible, really. but when i do actually sit down and work on them, i seem to get quite a few things done.. funny how that works, huh?


have a drink

i love me some freebies. if a favorite store of mine has a group gift, cheapie discounted item, ways to earn store credit or just a nice no-strings-attached kinda freebie out.. you can bet your bippy that i’ll be there to snag it.

so when i got a notice from the glitterati VIP group that there was some free store credit out for the taking, as a gift to us for katey’s birthday (shouldn’t it be the other way ’round, tho?).. i was at glitterati as *soon* as i logged in!

have a drink

anyone care for a drink? 😉

the only trouble is, i got a random IM from someone else while i was there browsing.. and it really got me to thinking…