have a drink

i love me some freebies. if a favorite store of mine has a group gift, cheapie discounted item, ways to earn store credit or just a nice no-strings-attached kinda freebie out.. you can bet your bippy that i’ll be there to snag it.

so when i got a notice from the glitterati VIP group that there was some free store credit out for the taking, as a gift to us for katey’s birthday (shouldn’t it be the other way ’round, tho?).. i was at glitterati as *soon* as i logged in!

have a drink

anyone care for a drink? 😉

the only trouble is, i got a random IM from someone else while i was there browsing.. and it really got me to thinking…

now, if you haven’t heard.. there are two sets of store credit out. one for VIP group members, the group that has a 500L fee to join, and one for another group that is free to join. the amounts are different, and rightly so.. the VIP group gets 500L in store credit while the free group gets 150L. still, it’s a really awesome gift no matter which group you’re in && if nothing else, you can join the free group and get yourself a new couple or friends pose for absolutely nothing. super generous, right?

so while i was standing around in the store, looking at everything.. trying to figure out just what i wanted.. i got an IM from someone else there, wanting me to ask a question…

her question was about whether or not she could get *both* sets of store credit — the 150L for the free group && the 500L for the VIP group. i told her that i wasn’t 100% sure, but i thought that it was an “either or” kind of situation. the group notice *did* say that if you’re a VIP, make sure you get the VIP credit, because you can only get one at a time.

when i answered, she didn’t seem to like what i said, because this was her reply…

[2013/05/01 23:04] Random McLady: that’s a misrepresentation then imo
[2013/05/01 23:04] Random McLady: if it is a FREE credit it shouldnt matter if you are a vip


okay, so i told her:

[2013/05/01 23:06] Vixxie Vultee: aw, i don’t think so.. it’s free 🙂 it cancels out the cost of the VIP group *and* you get free poses!

..and that’s.. pretty much how i feel about it.

it’s not a “misrepresentation”, katey coppola isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you… it’s free. it’s *free* store credit. even if you paid the 500L today, right this very minute, to join the VIP group.. you still get your 500L back in freebie poses *of your choosing*. it’s not even a hi, this gift is *totally* worth 500L! kind of deal. you get to pick what you want, from anything in the store. couple poses, pose props, single pose packs… and it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i get that you can’t please everyone with everything, even if there is literally no cost. Random McLady totally could’ve joined the free group and gotten 150L in store credit, without paying anything, because the owner of glitterati is generous like that. the gifts could’ve been 50L.. or 25L.. and i’d still think it’s rather tacky to complain that something is a “misrepresentation” when it’s free. there are signs all over, right in the front of the store, explaining which group gets what and how to claim it.

..if anything, it makes Random McLady look really greedy because it’s a “misrepresentation” that she couldn’t claim both gifts. she TP’d out not long after our conversation without ever leaving the front of the store. which really sucks for her because quite frankly, i *adore* the free credit gift && used mine up on some pose props i’ve eyeballed in the past.

i’m of the mentality that a gift is a gift. i’m always appreciative when it comes to gifts.. birthday gifts, christmas gifts, or “just because” gifts like the free credit from glitterati. you don’t have to call shenanigans just because it’s not exactly what you wanted, or if you read something wrong, or if you wanted two instead of one. be glad for the gift you’re given and have a blast with it, ’cause i sure as hell did!

i should’ve offered Random McLady a nice strong martini to calm her nerves.. perhaps then she would’ve seen that either 150L or 500L in credit was an awesome freebie to be had.

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