i made stuff

yeah, i made stuff. :3 yay for me?

lay back & kick off those shoes


i’m honestly not the fastest worker when it comes to makin’ things. i tend to get “inspired” to work on poses at the most random times… and by random, i mean as few times as possible, really. but when i do actually sit down and work on them, i seem to get quite a few things done.. funny how that works, huh?

i made a batch of three couple poses this time around — one for 2 adults && two for an adult/kid combo. yes, i have indeed dipped my toes into the child part of second life.

..and no, not in the way you think. ;P

in dada's hands & mama's baby

family roleplay in sl has kind of intrigued me lately. the longer i’m in sl, the more … open my mind becomes to areas other than shopping. believe me, at first i was completely && totally *creeped out* by child avatars. i suppose there are a lot of stigmas attached to being a kid in sl and i pretty much believed them all.


after seeing all the cute that’s out there for kid avatars in toys and clothes… seeing families interact with one another on plurk… reading roleplay blogs (like hadlee’s heirlooms which i’ve only recently stumbled upon && think is way too cute for words)… it’s opened my eyes on how fun and freeing and adorable families in sl can be.

…not that i’ve taken the plunge yet on trying to adopt or anything. no.. no no.. nonono, not yet. i’m *so* not ready for that yet! but my li’l friend up there who so graciously posed for my vendor shots is ridiculously cute.. and *such* a diva, too! she insisted on changing outfits between photoshoots! plus she seems to have taken a liking to allarik more so than to me (hence the dark hair on her in the pics above!), and i have to say it is beyond adorable to see them interact.

so, y’know, i made some poses.. mostly for my tiny little friend. it seemed a great excuse to see if i could make something sweet && fun, while testing the waters when it comes to kidatars in sl. i can’t say if it’s for me (yet!), but it was an overload of cuteness to try if only for some pictures!

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