close enough

thanks to berry‘s latest meme, about writing a second life haiku, i woke up early this morning… ready to write.

writing a haiku

my arsenal? coffee, cupcakes (aka, fuel for the mind), pencils, and all the blank paper i’d ever need. i was ready, i was willing… i had this in the bag.

..or so i thought.

unfortunately for me, i’ve never been a *morning* person. the only time i’m typically awake willingly in the morning is if i’ve not been to bed yet. :S i’ve always been a night owl, i rarely am in bed before 2am, so this morning.. no matter how many cups of coffee i had… i just could not think of anything to write down.

i sat there.. chewing on my pencil, staring down at the open notebook in front of me, and i just went blank. i couldn’t seem to even begin to brainstorm. nothing sounded right, nothing made sense… i was at a loss for what to do.

and the longer i sat there, the more anxious i got about finishing. the teeth marks in my pencil were starting to expose the lead inside the wood… my cup of coffee was getting cold… even the sweet smell of buttercream icing couldn’t inspire me into just putting *something* down.

i stared out the window and tried to let my mind relax. i watched the waves, listened to the faint rhythmic sound of them crashing on the shore outside, took a deep breath…

…and then i wrote the first thing that popped into my head.

close enough

vixxie likes these memes
but she is bad at haikus
she did it though, yay!

well. it’s certainly not a masterpiece, but it is a haiku.. in a literal sense.

it doesn’t describe my second life very well, but truth be told… i don’t think i could fit all the important stuff in there. i’d need at least four or five haiku to mention all the people i love, all the places i *shop*, and describe how much enjoyment i get out of it.

but at least i did it!!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA that was so brilliant and totally hilarious! Made my day, thank you ❤


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