vixxie’s basics

hi, my name is vixxie, and i am totally addicted to doing memes.

i spied this particular one, by magenta devinna, while on plurk earlier today… and while i’m no longer a “fashion blogger”, it seemed too fun to pass up…

…especially since i stopped blogging fashion all the time, the staples in my wardrobe have more firmly cemented themselves in place. i rarely change skin brands or eye colors or piercings much anymore unless i’m going for something specific, which is a *lot* different than how i used to dress when i was blogging a new look of the day frequently. it wasn’t uncommon for me to switch skins, hair brands, eye colors, piercings, tattoos… several times a day back when i blogged my outfits. but now? my favorites have definitely emerged && i’ve found that most of my outfits tend to start with the same items.

so here are my absolute basics


all the stuffs that i wear frequently, and goes into making me look like me!

my shape has been a WIP for years and years and years now. i’ve been wearing this same shape, in various iterations, for as long as i can remember, and is indeed my own creation. small boobies, big butt, short in stature. that’s just me.

so as far as skins go… after skin fair, i’ve been pretty much unable to take off this alyx skin by pink fuel. ever since i discovered pink fuel, which was sometime in 2010 (i think? when the ember skin was released?), i’ve been hooked. pretty makeups, cute faces, so many options.. it’s been a never-ending love affair with mochi milena && her lovely skins. i do love me some glam affair a lot too, and nuuna is my fave when i want more fantasy-oriented skins, but i think my go-to is always gonna be pink fuel.

as for hair… i’d say 99% of the time, i’m blonde. i’ve even been blonde from day one.. once i figured out how to change my hair, that is. the times i willingly switch hair colors is rare, i’m just so *used* to being blonde. light, light blonde. my favorite colors are swedish from truth, the new snow queen from exile (or, stefani from exile previously), seafoam from wasabi pills, powder from lelutka, wheat from clawtooth… i’m sure you get the picture.

…but! the hair color i’m wearing here, a dip-dyed black ‘n’ blonde combo from ploom‘s candy pack of colors, is my *absolute* favorite. the first hair i ever bought (from gurl 6, i believe) was blonde with black tips… for a long time, i lived in hair from deviant kitties that was blonde with black tips… every streaked hair that truth released, y’know … during his every hair has streaks in period… i wore swedish with black streaks… and i am so, so happy that helyanwe vindaloo added back this color to her line at ploom. i love it lots.

eyes.. well, i *could* say i wear blue eyes all the time because.. what goes better with blonde hair than blue eyes? but i have blue eyes irl && that part of me carried over into sl, too. except the color i prefer in sl, an icy light blue, is a far cry for my dark blue eyes on my rl avatar. my favorite brand for eyes has been insufferable dastard for a long time, and my everyday eyes are the ones i’m wearing here.. bliss eyes, in aqua. this color is the perfect shade of bright, icy blue and it’s the color i’ve wanted for my avatar since.. forever.

other than the blue eyes and blonde hair, the things that make me feel the most like *me* are my tattoos && piercings

i am so attached to my piercings that i honestly cannot even wear another brand anymore. haus of darcy is now, and forever will be, my absolute favorite on the grid for puttin’ holes in my face. ..and other places, too. the combo i’ve been wearing around in world is three sets of facial piercings (bitten, dimpled, and end of the night), one set on the chest (slither), two sets on the lower body (mess of metal on the tummy and lower back, and thrust on the hips), and two parts of one set (lost souls) on the ears. do you think i have enough piercings on? ;P to be honest, i could probably pack on some more…

tattoos, on the other hand, i switch out quite often. i’m always wearing at least one, but the brand and design tends to change frequently. however, my favorite for a long long time has been this sugar-skull inspired birds in the skull of a rose tattoo from actchio. i always come back to this one because it’s a combination of all the things i love in my ink — it’s faded, but not overly so, and in color as well, with a nice design across the chest and full sleeves. this tatt is years ‘n’ years old by now, but i still love it so hard.

and lastly.. my jewelry. other than my piercings, there are three pieces of jewelry i wear every single day. this choker, from blitzed and two rings.. one from maxi gossamer and the other, and older one from jcny. both of these rings were gifts, from a very sweet man, and since he seems to get so butthurt bent out of shape when i don’t wear them, i’ve taken to wearing them all the time. luckily, one is color change and the other is a mood ring… so i can match ’em to my outfits. 😀

i tend to always be in long nails (and lately have had these slink nails glued to my hands) and i wear the same lashes all the time (from FTL, they’re fab!), but those are my basics. long winded and probably a little too in depth for something as simple as hair, skin and eyes… but my favorite subject to write about is me, so i could just ramble on && on forever.. glad i didn’t.

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  1. I don’t think you rambled at all and I absolutely agree with you about HoD, that’s my favourite piercing store too!

    Thank you for taking part ❤


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