it’s been a li’l quiet in here! i’m soooooorry, but i promise i have a good reason for that.


i’ve been making stuff! lots of stuff! so much stuff. @_@

can you tell from the pic what it is? probably not (lol ;P) but it’s nails. glorious nails! nails for hands and nails for feets! and i am so flippin’ excited about it!

for the better part of the week, i’ve been working on making textures for siddean munro‘s avatar enhancement nails, from her brand slink. i don’t think i’ve ever stared at my own hands or feet for as long as i have in these last few days… but it’s been *so* much fun.

i’ve never been a pro at photoshop… i know what i know && that’s really not a whole lot. i’ve always had an interest in photo editing and “graphic design” if you can call it that (aka, me messing around with brushes and patterns and fonts and it all somehow turning out okay), but working on these nails has really pushed me further to learn more and do more.

in all my time in sl, i’ve not textured a single thing from scratch. i’ve made store logos and signs, but texturing a piece of furniture or an attachment? HAH. i honestly thought i’d never be able to texture myself out of a paper bag (wait, what?). but i requested a dev kit from siddean on the off-chance that i’d actually be able to do something nice enough for myself to wear, because if you know me.. then you know i love me some long prim nails. and since i’ve been *living* in siddean’s mesh nails, and really loving all the HUDs available out there for recoloring them, i thought why not give it a try…

and i actually did it. i mean, they’re my own textures. textures i made, with my own two li’l hands && they are on… my own two li’l hands. and they look okay at that. it’s the first time i’ve ever made something like this and i am just so chuffed over these nails.

i’m incredibly thankful to siddean for giving creators opportunities like this… i don’t think i ever would have even *tried* had she not had dev kits available. i’ve never been a ~real~ creator in sl, in that i don’t make clothing or hair or furniture or props or skins or shoes… nothing that requires photoshop skillz, since creating poses do not, but this makes me feel like i actually am now. at least, in my own small way.

i’ve made five sets so far — rather simple sets — in plain bright or pastel colors, with and without french tips. they’re all on my marketplace store and there are lots of sample pics on each listing so you can see what each color in each pack looks like.

needless to say, i am super proud of myself for doing this! and grateful to siddean monro (who is having a birthday today, methinks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW!) for letting me try my hand at it.. no pun intended. i love her products and her brand, so being a part of it in a very small way makes me swell up with giddiness…

…NOW I NEED TO MAKE MORE! dksgjsdgh \o/!!

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