busy bee

i’ve made more nails! \o/


i wasn’t kidding when i said these were fun to make. even though i’m currently only focusing on my own wants && needs when it comes to nails (how selfish of me!), i’m still excited about releasing these HUDs on the marketplace. it’ll be doubly exciting to see my textures on someone’s nails other than my own ;p but i’m taking baby steps for now~

only two sets this time, in some richer jewel-tone type of colors. the set above, aptly called drips because i’m *super* clever with product names, has a more macabre feel to them (even if the paint drip is black and not, y’know blood red), so i gave the color names some thought. if you buy the HUDs, you’ll see what i mean. some of the color names should strike fear into your heart, bwahahah! /me laughs maniacally


the other set is in the same color scheme, only minus the dark drippy tip. i liked the colors alot, so i decided to do a plain set too. they’re both up on my marketplace store if you’d like to check ’em out! there are lots of preview pics to give you a good idea of what all the colors look like.

i think i have *most* of the basics covered when it comes to plain colors, so hopefully i’ll be able to work on some more interesting patterns. and the best bit? my lovely bff vivi has been helping me with some nail art, since she’s all *artsy* while i struggle to draw a stick man freehand. it should be fun once i get to work on those.


…for now, i’m taking a wee break from nail stuffs. it’s tiring, lemme tell ya! plus i’m moving in my rl in a few weeks (ugh) && i figured a release of seven separate nail-color HUDs was good to start with! once i’m all settled into my new place, i’ll get back to work on some more. but when i’m not packing, i think i’ll be right here on my couch with my handy body pillow for a little break from photoshop and nail texturing~

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