caribbean queen

you never really realize just how big your house is until you’re forced to spend some time there all by yourself.

my lovely bff vivi left me this morning for a short rl vacay (to the beach no less, the nerve going without me!) && our house in sl seems so large and empty and *quiet* without her…

needless to say, i has a sad.

a super duper sad, even.

i spent all morning and a good portion of the afternoon, wandering the big empty rooms aimlessly.. sobbing uncontrollably, pawing at the walls, crying out to the heavens–..

..too much?

well, i did spend a rather listless morning and early afternoon in the house, unsure of what to do with myself. i mean, my bestie is the one i go to when i’m bored.. the one who always makes me laugh and keeps me entertained. without her, i’m pretty much lost.

until i realized that, while vivi is out in the real world.. soakin’ up the sun rays, i could do the same in our *empty* parcel.

i know you can’t see it there, but there totally is a light bulb goin’ off above my head!

to the outside!!

caribbean queen

i slipped on a bikini, grabbed a few odds && ends, and laid out right on our very own beach. we have a beautiful view of the ocean, bright white soft sands, and there were gorgeously puffy clouds dotting the blue sky out there… perfect for a day in the sun for myself!

but i had to keep myself distracted. even though our parcel is lovely, it really wasn’t enough to keep my mind off my missing best friend. i mean, there was even a second blanket right next to mine.. just waiting for her to plop her cute li’l bottom right on top of it. i had a constant reminder that she was off being a bronzed goddess on a beach somewhere on the east coast of the usa, so i made sure to keep myself busy.

i laid and let the sun warm my skin for a while, then flipped through a fashion mag (y’know, like a blog only.. tangible), and i even dragged the laptop out for a bit just to surf and catch up on plurk.

i made sure i kept myself nourished and brought my lunch outside to nom, i listened to the radio (all songs that remind me of my vivi, like caribbean queen && tearin’ up my heart, both of which are rather … apropos given my predicament), and i even wrote vivi a little love note to leave on her bed for when she returns..

and then it dawned on me..

i could just call her and check up on her. hearing her voice was *so* good for soothing my sad heart and she told me all about how much fun she’s having being a beach bum irl.

we chatted for a long time and while i still do miss her, i hope she has a fantabulous time on her trip.

..and also brings me home something nice. i like salt water taffy and keychains with my name on, you know!!

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