don’t judge me

i’m a wee bit late (okay, more than a week late actually), but since i enjoy ms. singh‘s memes so much, i figured i might as well do it… even if it is tardy.


shh, i’m about to tell you my sl guilty confessions. it’s just between you && me, riiiiiiiight?

confession no.01 ~ i am an obsessive inspector. since i’m using the current firestorm build, i’m *finally* able to right-click & inspect rigged mesh and it is heavenly. heavenly, i tell you! i go inspect-happy at events, at busy clubs, while out shopping, on my friends… i’d much rather inspect your avatar than have to ugh actually IM you to ask where your ridiculously cute boots are from. and now that i can do so on mesh? i’m a-right-clickin’ on everybody in sight! if i think something you’re wearing is even *remotely* cute, i’ll inspect it. if you’ve stood anywhere around me at any given time, trust that i’ve inspected something on your person. i do it all the time && have found lots of awesome new goodies for myself this way. you are never safe from my right clicking, bwahahah!!

confession no.02 ~ i love a good dramafest. i’ve never participated in a dramafest myself, and i’ve never instigated my own dramafest, but damn some people know how to put on a good show! on forums, on plurk, in someone’s blog comments… i always enjoy reading it. it’s like one big sl soap opera && i’m part of the audience. …i feel like i need to insert some sort of popcorn-eating gif here or something.

your judgements.. i can feel them… staaaahp!

confession no.03 ~ if you go afk around me, i will more than likely try to push you off the sky-platform/into the water/into a corner. i get the *biggest* kick out of trying to shove someone right off the map before they return to their computer. it’s a race to see if i can actually accomplish my task before the other person returns and goes “wtf?!” at me. my bestie is typically the one who gets the worst of it — the times i’ve knocked her off my platform in the sky are just too many to count — but anytime i see afk or brb in chat, i get the itch to push the person off somewhere strange.

confession no.04 ~ i really like supporting the creators who are on my plurk timeline. in fact, i normally go out of my way to purchase from the creators who i follow/friend on plurk before i shop elsewhere. why? …because i feel *connected* with them. not in a creepy sense (well, maybe in a creepy sense too — there is a certain hair designer that i totally have a girl-crush on, shhhh), but more in a… you’re on my “friends list”, therefore i enjoy supporting you && your brand.. kind of way. if i have lindens in my pocket and someone plurks a new release, chances are i’ll stop by and pick something up if i like it before i’d just go browsing the marketplace or inworld stores on my own. also, extra bonus points for you if you plurk things that make me laugh!

confession no.05 ~ i like wearing rigged mesh pieces without the alpha layer, if i can get away with it. when mesh hit the grid full-force, my shape thankfully fit right into the standard sizing xs-s range, which meant mosh mesh items fit me rather well.. but with a few small tweaks, i can pretty much wear anything xs or s without the alpha layer nowadays. i like wearing, say.. mesh miniskirts without the alpha layer, and actually wearing panties underneath instead (or not, gasp!). wearing a tube top or a tank without the alpha usually works quite nice, too. i *know* that mesh can easily bork between my viewer && someone else’s, and i *know* it’s definitely plausible that i could be walkin’ around stark naked while my skirt shows up attached to my right hand… but. i still get a thrill out of doing it if the mesh piece fits me just so. /me adjusts her halo

those are all the guilty pleasures i can think of, just about. i’m sure you’re all judgey mcjudgerpants on me and that’s just fine…

..i’ll just be over here inspecting your entire outfit, not wearing my alphas or underwear, and reading *all* your dramz. judge me all you want while i push you into oblivion next time you go afk! hehe!

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