can’t handle the truth

in case you haven’t heard, a li’l hair brand called truth is having a contest for poster models…

and since i’ve been a fan of truth’s lovely hairstyles for a long time now, you *know* i had to enter!

to be honest, it’s not even the actual prizes that are the lure for me… though, don’t get me wrong, the 2500L gift card is really awesome && will definitely go to good use if i’d somehow happen to place. but the thing that gave me incentive to enter was the simple fact that i’d see my lovely face on the walls of truth’s new store. and *that* would be freakin’ awesome!

after all, two of my favorite stores already have me plastered upon their walls (which would be haus of darcy on the left && sakide on the right)… it’s all part of my plan to take over the grid, one store at a time, so truth’s contest fits in rather nicely!

i didn’t see any rules about entering more than one picture, so i’ve submitted two. i honestly felt a li’l guilty for “spamming” the group with my two entries, but there are some peeps out there that did a lot more than me… like even beyond the spam category and into overkill numbers. but who am i to judge? 😉

still, i had a lot of fun taking and editing my entries, so i thought why not show ’em off here since i’m rather proud of how they turned out?

truth model search - vixxie vultee

my first entry is kind of… “out there”, i know. but believe me when i say i was really really tempted to be even crazier with it. i just couldn’t envision mr. hawks placing a creepy, bleeding eye’d model on his walls, so i toned it down a bit.

i really like how it came out! it’s exactly how i was picturing it, that the hair would be the thing that stands out the most. since, y’know, the contest is all about hair and all. i love putting together looks like this… looks that are outside my usual range. it doesn’t look like everyday vixxie but it’s still *very* me.

the second entry…

truth model search 2 - vixxie vultee

…is a bit more “typical”. not in the sense that it’s me in a bikini… i mean, i rarely take pics of myself in bikinis. my flickr page certainly isn’t flooded with pics of me posing in swimwear… beach scenes are so rare for me that i’m sure you’d have a hard time finding another picture of me in swimwear.. i’d be surprised if you could find just even one more of me in a bathing suit..

and beyond that, it is *so* not me at all to pose in swimwear for a contest entry.. i would never stoop so low as to pose for a beachy photo to enter into a contest…. surely you jest…

/me clears her throat

okay, enough with poking fun at myself. ;p so sue me, i like my beachwear && i like my beaches!

anyway, i really like the way this one turned out, too. :3 in my head, all the bright blues of the ocean and the sky really help the contrasting warmer tones of my skin and hair color stand out. i decided to wear sunglasses to cover my eyes so your gaze isn’t drawn into mine (i can’t help the fact that i like taking pictures where i’m starting straight into the “camera”), so hopefully… you notice my pretty pink-dipped hair instead. whether or not any of this makes sense or actually works in the image remains to be seen.

do i think i have much of a chance in this contest? mm, i’d like to think i do, but i know deep-down that i don’t. there are so many really gorgeous entries in that flickr pool (you should take a look if you’ve got a chance, there is some really outstanding work in there!), but i’m confident that my entries can still hold their own.

plus i just like entering photo contests.. i’ve entered quite a few in the last few years. not only do they give me an excuse to stare at myself some more, but they also push me to think of themes.. to set up a scene… and to really learn more && more about photo editing. if i win? well, that’s just another perk, i suppose! and one more store off my list, bringing me closer to my goal of being on *every* store’s walls! bwahah~

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