i’m moving

i hate moving. i’m talking about rl here. in sl, it’s so easy… right click & take everything, tp over to your new place, rez it all back out. no need to box stuff up, no need to question do i reeeeeeally need to take this?, no need to rent a truck or hire movers (or enlist all your friends to help, teehee). it’s so simple.. in my virtual life, moving is a breeze. in my real life…. not so much.

moving day

i’m moving this coming tuesday (in just over 24 FREAKIN’ HOURS, on the morning of the 28th, aaaaaaaah), so for now i’m taking a short sl break. i won’t be around at all until probably the 29th (wednesday) because we won’t have internet access hooked up until then. no blog posts, no logging inworld, no plurking, no stalking flickr, no working on my store (nor will i be around for customer service, if you should need me, just as a head’s up!)… i dunno what i’m gonna do with myself!

..no, wait, i know. i’ll be spending those days unpacking everything that’s taken me a good two weeks to box up. ughhsdhghksjg

see you all after i’m de-stressed and unpacked!

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  1. I hope your move goes smoothly and your unpacking is stress-free! Enjoy your new place…moving is a pain, but always an adventure!


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