day 30: i did it!

ah, the last day of june…

to some, it could simply mean that summer is going by way too fast. but for me? i’m really effin’ excited that it’s the end of june!

i did it!

it means i did it! i completed the avatar blogger crossfit challenge! blog everyday in june? don’t mind if i do (or did, i guess)!!



day 29: don’t be discouraged

i know i’m jumping the gun a teensy bit here, given the fact that the month doesn’t *actually* end until tomorrow, buuu~uuut…

don't be discouraged

well, i was feeling a little discouraged about some stuff today && remembered that i had lots of reasons not to feel that way at all.


day 28: little dresses

there’s not much else that screams summertime quite like a cute little dress..

little dresses

excuse me while my inner fashion blogger is showing~

i mean, sure.. there’s swimsuits, short shorts, t-shirts && tank tops, but those i wear all the time. i’m one of *those* girls that’s not afraid to rock a bikini in the middle of winter if the mood strikes me. but ruffly, cutesy, casual dresses aren’t typically my thing, you see.

however! in spring and in summer, the warmer months of the year for me, i definitely cannot pass up something short and adorable. so far this year i’ve grabbed a couple from mon tissu, from the plastik, from fashionably dead, from teefy, from auxiliary…. and now this one, from miel, which is out (today only!) for 50L friday.

now if only i had a(nother) pair of *cough* perfect summer shoes *cough* for my feets, i’d be all set….

day 27: a different kind of virtual world

i *love* minecraft. it currently is, and has been for a few years now, one of my absolute favorite games. it offers a lot of what i love about second life, but in an entirely different kind of virtual world..

a different kind of virtual world

but i thought it was fitting to blog here, for avatar blogger crossfit month, because while a lot of the blogs i’ve seen participating are focused on second life… the challenge itself is about any virtual world. and for that, minecraft definitely fits.

plus i’m vixxie in minecraft just like i’m vixxie in second life (by name *and* appearance, see that blonde hair up there in my minecraft avatar?!), so i figured it might be a nice change of scenery~


day 26: before & after

you know, yesterday… i really think i was just *over-thinking* things. i tend to do that a lot, actually~

i was making the changes to my shape too hard… too complicated… and i was trying to essentially preserve what i had && still bring it into proportion. which, honestly, was a harder task than it ought to have been.

the tweaked shape i made yesterday? i scrapped it. and today, i started over with a fresh copy of my shape, with new eyes, and made tweaks that not only are much more proportionate for an adult female (rather than a 12-year-old, omgah!), but also that i’m really happy with!

before and after

and the best part? the changes are so subtle that you’ve gotta look nice && hard at me to really see it. i mean, not that i *mind* if you look at me nice && hard.. i am wearing skimpy lingerie for a reason. 😉

ahem. anyway!


day 25: tweakage

cutting it close again, this time by less than ten minutes! go me~

anyway, no pic for today. 😦 i kind of feel like, without a picture… it’s not really a post, y’know? it doesn’t take as much effort to just sit here and ramble about whatever subject i’m gonna ramble about and call it a day without having to take a picture to go along with it. even if said picture doesn’t match or go with what i’m talking about.

buuuuuuuut. what i wanted to blog about today was actually my shape. as i said in yesterday’s post, i am definitely making some tweaks to my shape. the only trouble is? i’m not fully satisfied with what i’ve done so far && i need to tweak further until i’m happy.

i wanted to show off a before ‘n’ after for today, but alas! the *after* is not finished. perhaps tomorrow? ^_~

day 24: digits

it’s monday! that means one thing to me: memes. and this week, berry‘s challenge is one i’ve wanted to do for a while.. all about our avatar digits.


it’s not something i’d ever done on my old blog — i think i *perfectly* timed my breaks from blogging to correspond with when berry issued the first two “what’s your digits?” challenges — so i’m actually excited to finally be able to do it!


day 23: NOPE

i am *so* not gonna go 22 days in a row && then mess up the crossfit challenge by missing a day now.


not gonna happen.

i’m still twenty minutes under the deadline for day 23, but i didn’t have much time to be online (or inworld) today.. so this is all i can do. and it counts, okay?! it so does! because i am not messing up this challenge, this far into it!

so here, have this until tomorrow:

because insanely cute kittens make everything more awesome.

day 22: life is good

there’s this sign, above our front door… that says life is good.

life is good

it came with the house and, while bff vivi && i took out a lot of the outside decorations that did come with the house… the sign has stayed. i’ve never really thought of removing it, or even moving it, from the place above the door we use as the entrance.

i’m greeted by it every single time i log in, because, yes, i *do* log in outside the front door and have to walk inside every day.. it feels fitting to me. i see it daily, it’s right in my camera view when i log in. it’s on my login screen, even.

even though the sign can sometimes blend in with the background… can disappear just like the walls or the photos or the floor or the furniture can.. because you see it every day, and already *know* it’s there, and you just kind of gloss over it… but even if i can sometimes overlook it, i always know it’s there.

and on days like today.. where i’ve done nothing in particular that’s interesting, where i’ve spent most of my day lounging around, where i’ve had nothing bad or sad or maddening happen.. where i’ve been afforded the luxury of having a day where i can relax without worry… i notice the sign && i can whole-heartedly agree. life is good sometimes, whether it’s second life or first life, if you can appreciate the little things.. like not having to change out of your loungewear once all day.

day 21: first day of summer

today is the *official* first day of summer..

first day of summer

and i, for one, am glad! i am sure by the time august gets here && the long, drawn-out days of 90 degree heat hit, i’ll be wishing for the cooler temps of fall and winter.. but for now, i’m actually pretty excited for summer to finally be here!

..if for no other reason than i can prance around in super cute bikinis. ’cause i like doing that, apparently.