/me waves frantically!

hiiiii! i’m baaack~~ my move was a success (and yes, also stressful), but i’m all moved in and my ‘net is back on and i am a happy girl. ^_^ i gave myself a few days to get stuffs situated but now i’m back! and so happy to be!!

i thought since i’m back online and all moved in (just not all unpacked yet, eh heh), that i’d get back to blogging by doing two challenges. one of which is strawberry singh‘s meme about communications… and the second is to start off avatar blogger month! hopefully i can keep up with it and actually blog every day… i am sure as hell gonna try my best!


so let’s get things started!

Who did you speak to last inworld today? my bestie, vivienne tailleur!
Who has taught you most about SL? torley linden && his vidtuts. when i first started sl, i had no other friends here with me.. after i joined, i coerced convinced a few friends to join me, but when i first rezzed in… i didn’t know anyone to pester for help. so torley’s tutorials really helped me learn some of the ins ‘n’ outs of second life.
Who do you turn to for help? definitely the peeps on my plurk. if i’m looking for something specific, someone *always* seems to have an answer for me. otherwise, i tend to turn to my bff for help.. because she has no choice but to assist me, lest i start whining. ;p
Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list? because i don’t think it’d be fair to list vivi for every answer (even if she is most entertaining), i will say my friend lars bleac is rather amusing. 😉
Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL? yes! on plurk, through flickr, with skype or through my email.
Are you part of a community or family inworld? no, sadly, i’m not. i’m not sure why either, because roleplaying in general has been a part of my online life for as long as i can remember. it’s just not something i’ve looked into in sl for one reason or another, though every time i see someone mention their sl mom, or sl hubby, or any other sort of sl relative, i admit i get a teensy pang of jealousy.
Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? the vast majority of the time i spend inworld is spent alone… by choice. i can work on new things for my store easier if i’m alone, i can work on setting up pictures better by myself (when i don’t feel pressured to hurry up in case someone else is getting antsy by being stuck on a poseball), and i generally function better as a whole when i’m alone. i’m either on my sky platform, or in my home, working on things && generally, i like it that way. of course, i don’t turn friends away if they wanna hang out.. i just tend to be way more productive when i’m all by my lonesome. i even shop more efficiently if i’m by myself!

my first entry this month is kind of an easy one, but i’m… easing into it. if you’re participating in avatar blogger month, feel free to let me know so i can catch up on all your posts, too! 😀

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