day 2: workstation

i mentioned it a li’l bit yesterday, but avatar blogger crossfit month is already underway (clicky through that link to see all the bloggers in the challenge, btw)! i am *super* excited to have the opportunity to participate… and mark my words, i will do my very very best to make sure i post every. single. day. i’ve never done a challenge like this before, so i am even more determined to keep up with it.

and who knows, if i can do it for one month.. i could probably attempt an even bigger project, like a 365 post-a-day challenge. ..probably.


anyway! this month is gonna be fun, but it’s also gonna be a workout of my blogging skills that’s for sure!

with the challenge, i got my very own workstation on the lea11 sim.. complete with a treadmill hooked up to a computer that displays my blog! i have to say, it’s rather… surreal to scroll through my blog while i’m inworld, but it’s really awesome too! i think i need to set one of these up in my house too~

but i was able to decorate my workstation a wee bit while i was there, checking mine out (and all the other bloggers’ stations too!) and i decided that if i was gonna put some decorations up.. they’d have to be motivating.

so, i chose one of my favorite pics of bff vivi && me together (in the lilac frame) and a more recent pic i took with my friend allarik (that i’ll explain in a future post!) which hangs from a bright pink balloon. i’m kind of stumped as to what else i can add there, but for now.. two pics up of two of my favorite people will help keep me motivated!

or at least, they’d better!!!

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