day 4: surprise wedding

have you ever logged into second life, at your home, and found your best friend && her fiance standing on your porch… in very suspicious clothing?

no? just me, then?

yeahhhh, i couldn’t believe it either, at first. but the telltale signs were all there… the white dress and veil, his nice white tux… and if that hadn’t given it away, vivienne’s new display name of mrs. vivi daines when her actual last name is tailleur certainly gave it away.

yeup. my best friend (of over twenty-five years irl, mind you) freakin’ eloped without me!!

vivienne is like a sister to me, so i couldn’t exactly stay mad at her over it. it’s her wedding after all, not mine, despite how excited i was to be apart of it… sniff. but she said she and braden decided to do it spur of the moment while discussing plans for their wedding. they both, apparently, decided that the only people they really wanted at the ceremony were myself and our friend allarik (suppose we’d be maid of honor && best man?), but since it might hurt the feelings of our other friends to only include allarik and me, they went ahead and found somewhere they could do a quickie ceremony by themselves. no muss, no fuss.. just them and the officiant. no hurt feelings.. unless you count mine. ;_;

now, this all happened about ten days ago… so why am i blogging about it now?


in exchange for me to not throw a hissy fit every time vivi’s wedding is mentioned, i struck a deal with her and braden. i’d let go of my hurt feelings if they let me take some pretty photographs of us all together, as if they had actually had a proper wedding…. with me in attendance. they’d have to stand on pose stands and let me snap as many pics as i wanted, let me edit them however i wanted, and they’d have to pose with me in any way, shape or form that i wanted without whining. then, and only then, would i feel less left out.


and they were surprisingly receptive to my deal. ;P

getting all four of us — vivi, braden, allarik and myself — all online at one time was a task, which is why it took me so long to finish the photos. we had to do two separate sessions for me to include everyone in the pics simply because of work schedules and family stuffs and even my moving houses irl got in the way. but all the pics are done now, and are even hanging up in my home in grouped frames that look so cute, so i thought i may as well blog the pics.. i worked hard enough on them, so why not?

wedding collage

it doesn’t completely make up for the fact that my best friend left me out of her wedding, but i think the photos turned out quite nice! at least this way i can pretend i was there..

vivi keeps saying we can make up for their small wedding by having a huge party when i get married, but uh. i don’t see that happening any time soon! ahahaha… ahah… aha… ah… a…….. …/me coughs

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  1. lizziegudkov

     /  June 6, 2013

    Pat on the back for that cough *winks* ! Enjoyed reading your blog post. 🙂

  2. *That* would be surprising! Look at the bright side though… better than a funeral! Glad to have found your blog through ABM.

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