day 5: runner up

sooooo. remember how i blogged last week about my entries for the truth model search contest?

well, the winners have been posted and see if maybe you recognize one of these runner up photos..

Truth Model Contest - Runners up!

i’ll give you a hint: look for the blonde in the bikini.

excuse me while i squeal like an excited little girl!! OMG!

with all the thousands of amazing entries, i thought maybe there was a teensy slim chance that i might place… i was trying to be optimistic about it, to be confident in my entries, but some of the other entries were just *way* too gorgeous. and no matter how confident i tried to feel, that teensy slim chance seemed smaller && smaller….

…until yesterday when mr. hawks tagged me in a photo on flickr and, i kid you not, i squeaked out loud.

i am so honored to have my photo chosen as a runner up, ya’ll don’t even know! it’s exciting and humbling to be included with the other winners and runners up.. and i really cannot say thank you enough! it made my day–.. no, it made my entire month, and i’m just so happy about it that i end up bouncing around in my chair every time i think about it.


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