day 6: mr. panda

i can’t believe i actually, legitimately forgot to blog these here… i was so excited about releasing them that it must have just slipped my mind until now!


bff vivi (yes, the very same one who got married without me) and i tag-teamed on a set of nails for slink’s avatar enhancement attachments. she made the nail art (the li’l panda faces!) for me && i slapped ’em on a set of tipped nail colors… and i, for one, am rather proud of how they turned out!

vivienne has always been artistic.. she’s *always* been amazing at drawing or pixeling or painting. she’s definitely the artsy one in our duo, the times when i luck out and draw something decent are few && far between. so i was ecstatic when she agreed to help me with some cute nail art and the first set, aptly called mr. panda, turned out adorbs… in my humble opinion. 😉

we have plans to work on more sets together, where she does the nail art and i do the fingernail colors and HUDs.. but as usual, there seems to be more ideas than there is time to work on ’em all, so for now the only set we’ve done is mr. panda. hopefully we’ll be able to change that soon enough!

i also worked on && released a new friends pose, that i used in the ad for the panda nails..

giggle time

..which not only was awesome to show off our manicures, but is *so* appropriate given the way our friendship works. my entire life with vivi is pretty much nothing but giggle time, hence the name of the pose, so it was only fitting to release the nails && pose together.

the nail HUD and pose, as well as all the other stuffs i’ve made, can be found on my marketplace store. another thing i’d like to work on here soon is getting myself an inworld presence… but, again, too many ideas and too little time. ya’ll will be the first to know, i’m sure, if i ever get .vix inworld though.. no worries. ;P

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