day 7: take the plunge

take the plunge… plunging neckline…. eh? eh??

don’t worry, my horrible pun will make sense in a moment!

take the plunge

i, indeed, took the plunge && picked myself up a li’l treat last night: mesh boobies. something i never thought i’d end up with and yet, now i have *two* different pairs. that’s four mesh boobs in total! four more mesh boobs than i would’ve expected myself to have! but truth be told, i actually quite like them…

..i also apparently really like the word “boobs”. heh. /me snickers like a 12-year-old

that pic up there is all edited and smoothed and whatnot, and doesn’t even show off my new tatas all that well. so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

and no, not in the way you think! surely, i’d never show off my bare breasticles here!

these three pictures are not retouched — they’re raw shots taken straight from sl. the only thing i did was crop ’em into a collage for ease of posting. and, as you can see, the seam between my chest && the breasts (these are lolas tangos, in case you were curious) is pretty much non-existent. i’m wearing a pink fuel skin here, and am using pf’s tango applier, and it makes the attachment line almost impossible to see.

truthfully, i resized the boobs quite a bit. right out of the box, they were easily twice the width of my avatar && were far too large for my tastes. even as they are now, they’re still a little big… i’ve always been a small-chested kind of girl in sl, which is why i never thought prim or mesh breasts would interest me, but making the tangos smaller still would have made them harder to line up with clothing and/or with my skin. yes, if you don’t wear them overly large, it *will* be a task to get them to be seamless both clothed and nude… but it can be done!

i really like the shape of these, too. since, as i said, i’ve always been small on the busty scale, the default slider breasts always worked well enough. i didn’t have them large enough for the blocky, angular lines to really be noticeable. and since rigged mesh has really taken off when it comes to clothing, having those lines smoothed by mesh garments has helped a great deal as well. but after seeing my best friend with a pair of mesh boobs (vivi’s are tangos as well!), you almost.. cannot unsee how boxy the default avatar breasts can really be.

also, as i said, i own *two* sets of mesh breasts… the ones i’m wearing here && then a pair called puffy. honestly, i like the puffy breasts a li’l more, but only because they are so much easier to resize && wear small. instead of scaling up or down in size overall like the tangos, you’re able to resize the puffy breasts on the X, Y and Z axis separately… which means you can really get a decent fit small or large, and can customize how the breasts sit on your chest. the only trouble with puffy is the fact that they really lack the outside “support” (heh, no pun intended this time, i promise) that tangos or even lush have. the only skin appliers i’ve seen so far for puffy are from pink fuel, no other brand of mesh breast skin appliers work for puffy btw, and while the puffy breasts *can* use tango clothing appliers, it doesn’t *always* work. so the puffy breasts look nice bare, but it’s definitely not as easy to find clothing to wear with them as it is for my new tangos.

will i wear them all the time? either pair, puffy or tango? no, not likely. they make for fantastic pictures and really do look so much more smooth and natural than the slider boobies do, but… i’m still not sold on wearing them 24/7. however, on those days when i’m feeling particularly busty (hah, only in sl!), then they work fantastically. i just need to shop more for some new clothes for my new chesty self, though i’m saying that like i ever truly need an excuse to go on a shopping spree in sl..!

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  1. vivitailleur

     /  June 7, 2013

    bout time.. >.>

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