day 8: randomness

i take a lot of pictures in second life. i mean, i’m sure you can guess that i do… but i dunno if you really know just how many i take. often, my desktop will be flooded with snapshots of various things — pictures i specifically set up to edit or to blog, “outtake” pictures from said blog snaps, pictures i took to show off on plurk, pictures of random things i found hilarious, work-in-progress pics of things i’m working on… it’s a whole mish mash of random snapshots.


like this, for example. a nice close-up picture of a furby from fashionably dead (that’s out at c88!), which is appropriately called childhood nightmares.. a sentiment i can definitely agree with. this is the kind of thing you can find in my mass of random sl snapshots.

..wanna see some more? sure ya do! ;P

yesterday, when i went to demo the new truth hairs, and surprisingly found my runner up picture already displayed on the wall! i may or may not have squeaked out loud when i noticed it.

two sugar gliders on a two-seater scooter. no big deal.

bff vivi, last night, when we were readying to go dancing. she probably will kill me when she sees this (hi bibi ilu okay), but she was trying to cover the lighter colored eyebrows on her skin to wear darker brows instead. i caught her mid-adjmustment on the brow eraser tattoo. she looks a little cray, but..

…sl karma got me back not long after i took the pic of her without eyebrows. dontcha just looooove weird sl glitchiness? me too. -_-

but after i fixed my glitch-into-the-floor, and vivi decided to just wear hair to match her brows rather than try to cover ’em up with another set, we both ended up at beachwood.. where we danced most of the night away!

..well, until collabor88 opened at midnight SLT. and that’s where i bought the furby in the first pic! it all comes full circle, haha.

do you take lots of random snapshots in sl, too? surely i can’t be the only one who does!

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