day 9: zebra stripes

just a quickie post today! i sort of ran out of time to do anything blog-worthy, so instead.. i’ll simply show off something i’ve been working on!

zebra stripes

if you haven’t seen the new round of collabor88 stuffs…. what are you waiting for?! seriously! if you lived through the 90’s, then a lot of the things at c88 that will be a total blast from the past. you can see a round-up of goodies here on seraphim, in case you’re curious && haven’t been yet.

but with all the childhood memories flooding in from things like furbies, tamagotchis, pogs and floppy disks… i was reminded of something else i loved as a kid: lisa frank. and the biggest thing with lisa frank was neon-colored animals. kittens, unicorns, puppies, bears, tigers, penguins.. none of them were safe from lisa frank’s neon rainbow paintbrush. i had stickers and notebooks and trapper keepers(!) that were all plastered with lisa frank’s art… so i thought i might pay a li’l homage of my own to my childhood with some neon zebra print manis ‘n’ pedis!

my bestie actually helped me by drawing the zebra stripes out, the same as she did for my mr. panda nail sets, which is really exciting for me because i *love* doing collab things with her.. she’s always full of awesome ideas! like, for instance, i’ve made two different sets of colors — one with dark gray tips that i’m showin’ off here and another with white tips instead, both of which were my bff’s ideas. i knew there was a reason i kept her around. ;p

anyway! i still need to do ads and finish the HUDs and all that fun junk, but they should be out soon! maaybe with some new poses too, we’ll see!

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