day 10: smile

when you’re smilin’… keep on smilin’… and the whole world smiles with youuu~



so! today, i stumbled upon a pretty li’l sim called it all starts with a smile, which is owned by the lovely kaelyn alecto.. someone who is on my plurk timeline, no less, and i had no idea she was responsible for such a pretty place! just goes to show how much i pay attention!

but it’s such a lovely, photogenic kinda sim.. so when i first rezzed in, i knew i had to do a blog post on it!

there are *so* many perfect spots for taking photographs.. from the cobblestone street lined with shops, to the immaculately decorated beach, to the fields of flowers and grass… no matter what you’re takin’ a pic of, there’s bound to be a backdrop ready && waiting for you there.

..which i really should expect nothing less from kaelyn, who is a fantastic photographer herself.


i had so much fun just exploring and looking at everything.. and i didn’t even capture all the nooks ‘n’ crannies just waiting for someone to snap a pic. it’s a blogger’s dream, lemme tell ya — if i was still blogging fashion, i’d be using this sim for my fashion shots all the time. having a great background to really set the scene works wonders for fashion photography!


if you haven’t been, i highly recommend it! make sure your camera is ready to go, first, though!

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post and such amazing pictures! This totally made my day! <333

  2. i actually just blogged an outfit a few days ago and i took the pic there !!! Its an amazing sim!


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