day 11: night of the sliving dead

i took a pass on strawberry singh‘s meme last week, to make an acrostic poem… because unfortunately, i just had to pick a sl name that not only includes one, but has *double* x in it. and i’m just not clever enough to make xylophone and xeroxes work in a poem.

however, this week? i am totally all over it!! i can handle making a movie poster.. and i picked one of my favorite movies to parody, too.

..granted, the movie i picked has very little to do with my actual second life, but… i’m just rollin’ with it. ;p

night of the sliving dead

night of the sliving dead.. i’d watch it!

and in case you’ve never seen the best zombie movie ever created, here is the movie poster i was trying to emulate:

how’d i do? i thought it turned out pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.

this week, i seem to have *movie* on the brain, especially with the hair fair contest being movie themed.. and you *know* i’m entering that, too! but this was a super fun meme that didn’t stump me to hell and back because i have two X’s in my name! \o/ yay!

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  1. lol I knew you had a tough battle last week. Glad to see your poster…that’s awesomely scary!

  2. Oh you have NO idea how many nightmares this movie gave me as a child! I’m getting the chills just thinking about it, lol. Great poster!


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