day 12: hands to yourself

do you dance a lot in sl? i do! even if i’m just derping around on my platform in the sky, if a song comes on my radio stream that i like.. or i’m listening to my own music.. or if i’m just feelin’ like watching my avatar in motion… then i *dance*.

this is also evidenced by the sheer number of videos i’ve taken in sl that are of me dancing. and i’m about to add another video to the collection!

you see, i grabbed this dance from abramations this morning… and i simply had to show it off..

if you watch it, i’m sure you can understand why i was so eager to share!

my friend allarik was a good sport about it.. he didn’t even react too much when the dance looped and he got smacked in the face. i mean, don’t get me wrong, all that booty grabbin’ probably *should* warrant a good slap or two, but i have to say.. i probably wouldn’t really mind it. ;p after all, he’s one of my favorite dance partners..

hands to yourself

..okay so he’s probably my *absolute* favorite dance partner, but you get the idea!

when i grabbed that handsy dance set, it was free.. so if you’re fast, you may be able to grab it for free too! i’m not sure for how long it’ll be up, or if it even still is up for free, but it never hurts to try! if nothing else, it’s definitely good for a giggle, so go check! you can find abramations right here~

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