day 13: drawn that way

there are a lot of events in sl… a lot. a freakin’ lot. but i think my favorite by far is, and has been, hair fair. ever since i discovered its existence, i’ve looked forward to summer in second life *just* to shop for lots of hair.

in the past, however, i’ve not entered the annual hair fair photo contest.. whether it was because i just didn’t know about it, or i didn’t find the time to enter it, or i didn’t have a decent enough computer or photoshop skillz to really compete. but this year i’m feeling confident enough and the theme is so cute, that i just had to enter~

i have more themes && more scenes in mind, but for now i just have one entry..

drawn that way ~ hair fair contest entry

..which is something i’ve wanted to do in sl for aaaaaaages. jessica rabbit is one of vivi’s absolute favorite movie characters && who framed roger rabbit ranks pretty high on my list of favorite movies. it was the first thing that popped into my head when i saw the theme for the contest was “movies inspire me”.

i think our cosplays turned out pretty awesome, too! šŸ˜€ i had to make the bow-tie myself (aka, buy a template and texture it quickly with a blue ‘n’ yellow polka dot texture), i couldn’t find yellow gloves easily and ended up having to tint a white pair i had in my inventory, and it was a task to find appropriate feet for a white rabbit… but to me, it turned out almost exactly like i pictured it in my head.

i just hope it shows off the hairstyles enough to be appropriate for the contest! @_x

if you’d like to enter the contest, or see what it’s all about, then check out the hair fair blog for more info!

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