day 14: freebie

everybody loves freebies, right? i know i sure do… so i have a new one to share, but it’s one that *i* made this time! \o/


this back to back friends pose is up for freeeeee in my marketplace store, just because i felt like making a new freebie~ ❤ there’s also the first freebie pose set i made still up, too, if you’re needing some single poses as well.

aren’t i generous? ;p

…the answer is “yes!”, btw.

i also got around to finally finishing the zebra nail sets i blogged about the other day~

the neon zebra nails ended up looking more 80’s than 90’s to me.. despite my original inspiration. but i think they’re fun ‘n’ funky and i’d totally wear a mani/pedi in patterns like these if i could free-hand draw at all irl. which is why i had to ask vivienne (seen in the dark hair above!) to draw me the zebra stripes, so i could make these nail colors happen!

there’s lots of bright, neon colors included in either pack — with contrasting white or dark gray tips — and each include HUDs to work with slink avatar enhancement hands, nails *and* feet! you can find ’em here, where there are lots of preview pics to show off all the options, and you can find the other slink avatar enhancement HUDs i’ve made there too!

yay for being productive! 😀

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