day 16: quiet

so. today in america, it’s father’s day..

and it’s a quiet kind of day for me, in rl as well as in sl. i find that my rl moods, my rl happenings, my rl feelings translate into what i do in sl, too. and if i don’t feel up to much in my real life, then i don’t feel up to much in my second life either. and today is just one of those days.

i’ve mentioned here on my blog already why father’s day is tough for me, so i won’t go into a long post about it again today.. but i will say it’s a rough kind of day for me and i’m a little more sad than i expected to be this year.

it’s still a day to be celebrated though, and despite the fact that mine is gone i still have a father and want to honor him today.. so i’m having his favorite meal for my rl dinner tonight. it’s not much, but it feels like i’m still celebrating with him in my own way, and i suppose that’s enough.

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