day 17: just because

i don’t really need an excuse (or even a *good* excuse) to take fancy pictures.. sometimes, it just happens. other times, it’s planned. but the fact remains that i am always up for a photoshoot.

photography in sl is something i really, really enjoy. the entire process, to me, is what makes it fun. finding the right outfit, cycling through poses, searching out a nice sim or a good backdrop to use… playing with windlight settings, editing the pics.. all of it.

now, i can’t say that i’m exceptionally good at it yet.. even though i’ve been blogging pictures of mine for more than three years now, i’d still say i have a lot to learn. i don’t always follow the rule of thirds, i’m not incredible with photoshop, and there are times when my creativity just goes poof && i can’t take a picture or put together an outfit to save my life.

..but just because i’m not as fantastic as i could be just yet doesn’t mean i don’t take photos i’m proud of.

just because

though, admittedly, it helps when you have some eye candy that *also* contributes awesome ideas to the mix.

allarik is always good at being a photo prop && he indulges me when i say something as vague as “i feel like taking some pictures..” he always participates and offers his ideas or opinions, but he never questions something once i’ve made a decision on it, and he’s generally a good sport about what i tell him to wear .. or not to wear.

just because

plus he’s such a pretty thing, i can’t help but want to snap his photo.

and this sim… also such a pretty thing. and okay, i’m sure i’m the *last* person to visit here.. but this build on chouchou v is breathtakingly beautiful. it’s intricate and detailed and not only is it pretty enough to look at on its own..

…but it really made a wonderful background for these pictures. builds like this are what shadows were *made* for, it’s just stunning.

the only trouble is, chouchou is no rez.. so i employed a few tactics i learned from strawberry singh. in the blog post, she says it works on your own avatar, but i was able to move allarik around too using this method on the latest firestorm build.. and it was great for using some dynamic couple poses from del may without needing to rez the pose balls. so convenient, i have no freakin’ idea how i didn’t learn about it sooner!

just because

the end result of it all is me ‘n’ my friend looking pretty damn awesome, imho. 😉 taking “out of the norm” pictures like this gives me a chance to be creative with lighting and makeup and poses.. and it’s just so much fun to do. i don’t always need an excuse to take pictures, but when i have a good one? that just makes it that much better~

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  1. You did so great with these images, they are amazing. Really happy to see the trick worked out for you! ❤

  2. Hey I know that tattoo! -winks- Awesome pics!


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