day 18: SL10B

happy birthday, second life! \o/

the sl10b sims are open && i spent a good chunk of time exploring them last night along with my bestie vivi.. but we barely even made a dent! there are *so* many things to see across all twenty two sims that we seriously only scratched the surface..


but what i did see was pretty awesome~ be prepared for some pic spam of epic proportions!

so! the sims are each broken up into a grid-like pattern, where each section holds an exhibit. some are displays, others are interactive… some things i recognized and some i had no idea what i was looking at. but that was half the fun!

there were pods floating around..

..much like the ones you can find on mainland linden roads, offering a “guided tour” of sorts of all the builds. and while i did sit in one for a bit and just observe things as they went past, that wasn’t nearly as fun as walking around and stopping to look at stuff myself.

vivi && i both really liked bear island, which housed *buyable* copies of lots of linden bears. the only one i was interested in was torley’s, and i of course bought it in all it’s crazy watermelon-colored glory. but it was neat to see an entire collection of them all together like that since i was never one to collect the old school linden bears myself. if you’re missing a bear or two from your collection, check it out!

since the theme of this year’s birthday celebration is looking forward… looking back, there were lots of displays showing off avatar evolution.. with a timeline of pictures showing off every year someone’s been in sl. seeing these really made me wish i’d taken pictures of myself in my first few years of being in sl (can you imagine.. me *not* taking pics?) because if i tried to do one of these myself, the earliest pics i’d have are only from around 2010.. and my rezday is in january of 2008.

but looking at the different exhibits with these kinds of displays was neat! vivi && i especially liked damien fate’s collection here, because… well.. he’s cute. what can i say?

after that, it was just me by myself wandering around… vivi had to leave me for rl work (the nerve), so i hopped around the various regions && took snapshots of some of the interesting things i saw.

like above, where a massive pink-haired lady used second life on her equally massive computer, with *me* as her avatar.

or these, which rotated and changed and spun and were totally mesmerizing to watch..

or this exhibit, which had a tunnel leading down under the water.. and a viewing tank for you to watch the fish. but when you pressed a button on the platform, it sped you up to a similar tank in the sky to watch the stars..

or the creepy church && cemetery build put together by the builders of one of my favorite sims..

or even this display, aptly named it all started with a cube that amused me. greatly.

from the diversity of the displays, i honestly never knew what i’d find when i turned the corner into the next line of builds. like..

larger than life balloon doggy!

or whatever this is!

cakes, records and a pair of *fantastic* high heeled shoes.. i have no idea what it’s meant to be, but i like it a lot! X)

a huge pirate ship, that was next to yet another huge pirate ship, in a sim of mostly water-themed builds..

or even this.. a display of “old school” avatars that had a photo studio on the second floor. what you were supposed to do, that i didn’t do, was to put on an older avatar and sit on one side then snap a pic… and then put on a newer avatar and sit on the other side and snap a second pic. there were freebie photo frames there that, once you uploaded your snapshots to sl, would display each one in either side of the frame to seamlessly line the pictures up so it looks like you’re sitting with an older version of yourself. SUCH a good idea! i, instead, used one of the booths to make it look like i have an identical twin.. which wasn’t really the point, but was fun all the same~

this was in a build that housed a collection of tents, each one with a photo-ready backdrop inside. but this one interested me because it was all turned on its side. the mirror was actually the floor and the table && chair were sideways, with their feet on the wall. the inside of the mirror was water && it took me a minute to realize what the purpose of it was… when i remembered that i had a windlight setting that allowed the water to go smooth and glassy like a mirror. and voila! a working mirror in sl! on the floor, mind you, but it works!

i still have *so much* left to see, but it was a blast exploring what parts i did get to… including this above, which i took a picture in solely because this outfit is what i remember signing up to second life with! i suppose the secret is out now: typically-blonde vixxie has dark roots. D8

if you haven’t gone yet, then go check stuff out! you have until the end of the month to see it all! lots of booths have freebies if that tickles your fancy && there are some really interesting and fun builds to check out! i used this map and collection of slurls to tp around.. but it’s just as easy to pick a sim, teleport in, and then wander in and out of all the celebratory regions. go see some stuff and celebrate sl’s 10th birthday, it’s so much fun.. believe me!

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