day 22: life is good

there’s this sign, above our front door… that says life is good.

life is good

it came with the house and, while bff vivi && i took out a lot of the outside decorations that did come with the house… the sign has stayed. i’ve never really thought of removing it, or even moving it, from the place above the door we use as the entrance.

i’m greeted by it every single time i log in, because, yes, i *do* log in outside the front door and have to walk inside every day.. it feels fitting to me. i see it daily, it’s right in my camera view when i log in. it’s on my login screen, even.

even though the sign can sometimes blend in with the background… can disappear just like the walls or the photos or the floor or the furniture can.. because you see it every day, and already *know* it’s there, and you just kind of gloss over it… but even if i can sometimes overlook it, i always know it’s there.

and on days like today.. where i’ve done nothing in particular that’s interesting, where i’ve spent most of my day lounging around, where i’ve had nothing bad or sad or maddening happen.. where i’ve been afforded the luxury of having a day where i can relax without worry… i notice the sign && i can whole-heartedly agree. life is good sometimes, whether it’s second life or first life, if you can appreciate the little things.. like not having to change out of your loungewear once all day.

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