day 24: digits

it’s monday! that means one thing to me: memes. and this week, berry‘s challenge is one i’ve wanted to do for a while.. all about our avatar digits.


it’s not something i’d ever done on my old blog — i think i *perfectly* timed my breaks from blogging to correspond with when berry issued the first two “what’s your digits?” challenges — so i’m actually excited to finally be able to do it!

i am going to be killing two birds with one stone, as it were, with this post… sharing my shape specs from the first digits challenge, and talking about proportions from the newest challenge. so let’s get things started!

first… my actual digits…


vixxie’s digits
height – 28 && using the avatar ruler (to get the ruler, it’s linked in berry’s post above!), i am 179 cm/5’10”
head size – 52
arm length – 93
hand size – 10, but i bump it up to 20-22 when wearing my slink mesh hands
torso length – 51
leg length – 63
foot size – 0
body fat – 5
breast size – 34
hip width – 52
butt size – 46

it honestly surprised me that a lot of my numbers are somewhere in the middle of the sliders, give or take a point above or below. that said, most of my numbers are not set in stone. i am constantly tweaking sliders (especially boobies, booty and saddle bags!) to fit into mesh clothing.. whether i’m making them bigger or smaller. though my *me* T&A numbers are usually smaller boobs, bigger butt.

now.. for proportions..

according to this image in berry’s post, by head-size.. my avatar is actually between the 12-year-old average && the adult average. as you can see in the pic above, my avatar is just shy of seven heads tall. and this really surprised me, because while i always thought my avatar looked young and petite, but very adult, i never realized that my proportions were actually close to pre-teen!

i think some tweaking is in order. definitely.

but before i ramble on further about how i’m shocked over my sudden prepubescence, let’s answer’s berry’s actual meme questions~

Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? no. i never really purposely tried to make my shape proportionate by averaged standards. i’ve just kinda eyeballed it. if it looks good to my eye, then i’m generally happy with it. that said, now that i know my avatar’s proportions are actually closer to the 12-year-old side than the adult side, i think i need to make some changes!

What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? feet. absolutely the feet. they look like flippers! i almost always have them hidden (except when i’m running around a laggy event and am trying to not cause more lag of my own, thus running around barefoot) either with shoes that include feet, bare foot attachments, or shoes that completely cover up those ugly flat toes.

Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? yes and no. one of my pet peeves was (and still is) short arms. they really do bother me, no matter how hard i try to not let it. :X however, despite short arms, i don’t care much about other proportions on anyone else’s avatar.. clearly, my own are not perfect, so i don’t *really* expect anyone else’s to be perfect either. if you like the way you look, do your thang. ..just fix your arms, okay?

Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? nah, not really. short arms aside, everyone is free to look how they want to. i’ve never actually said anything to anyone about short arms, or any other disproportionate features, because i’m not the judge && jury on avatar shapes. and the one time i do mention it to someone, i know i’m going to get a really well thought out or complicated reply about how their out-of-proportion-whatever is actually a metaphor for the way body image is perceived in the media… or that they’re following a certain artist’s aesthetic for elongated limbs. ..or something.

so! this meme was totally an eye opener for me! now to figure out how to fix my proportions a little bit without changing my height too much, hrrmmm…

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  1. This one was an eye opener for me too! Thanks for playing ❤

  2. When my friend helped me create my “golden ratio” shape 3 years ago, the first thing she did was make my arms longer. Just that one tweak made a huge difference!

    • well, my arms are already almost maxed on the slider.. i can only bump it up 7 more points before i’m at the max. i don’t *think* it’s my arms, really.. it’s my overall shape/height i think that i need to tweak in order to get more adult proportions? maybe? lol.

      • I think arm length is one of the hardest things to get right. But I wasn’t criticising your shape – I think you’ve got good proportions 🙂

      • oh i know you weren’t, peep! ❤ no worries! i'm sorry if my comment came off that way! and i agree, they are tough.. it's hard to find the balance between t-rex short and gorilla long. x)

  3. chrissy

     /  July 9, 2013

    Vixxie would u mind sharing the complete digit set to your avatar body is very well proportioned and that’s one of my problems when i make my avatars I’m not very good with the whole proportion thing but its up to you if you would like to share them.

    • hi, chrissy! thank you ❤ that's very sweet of you to say.. but i shared all the numbers i was willing to share, i'm afraid. i don't mind telling anyone where any of my clothes or tattoos or hair or piercings or shoes or skins or *whatever* are from, but my shape is my own.

      • chrissy

         /  July 9, 2013

        oh X3 I didn’t notice u did give the the numbers to make a shape the basics of the frame of the shape when i noticed that I made a great shape thx for giving that much it helped ^^

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