day 25: tweakage

cutting it close again, this time by less than ten minutes! go me~

anyway, no pic for today. 😦 i kind of feel like, without a picture… it’s not really a post, y’know? it doesn’t take as much effort to just sit here and ramble about whatever subject i’m gonna ramble about and call it a day without having to take a picture to go along with it. even if said picture doesn’t match or go with what i’m talking about.

buuuuuuuut. what i wanted to blog about today was actually my shape. as i said in yesterday’s post, i am definitely making some tweaks to my shape. the only trouble is? i’m not fully satisfied with what i’ve done so far && i need to tweak further until i’m happy.

i wanted to show off a before ‘n’ after for today, but alas! the *after* is not finished. perhaps tomorrow? ^_~

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