day 26: before & after

you know, yesterday… i really think i was just *over-thinking* things. i tend to do that a lot, actually~

i was making the changes to my shape too hard… too complicated… and i was trying to essentially preserve what i had && still bring it into proportion. which, honestly, was a harder task than it ought to have been.

the tweaked shape i made yesterday? i scrapped it. and today, i started over with a fresh copy of my shape, with new eyes, and made tweaks that not only are much more proportionate for an adult female (rather than a 12-year-old, omgah!), but also that i’m really happy with!

before and after

and the best part? the changes are so subtle that you’ve gotta look nice && hard at me to really see it. i mean, not that i *mind* if you look at me nice && hard.. i am wearing skimpy lingerie for a reason. 😉

ahem. anyway!

so what all did i do?


instead of trying to increase my height via that specific slider, i adjusted some other sliders instead that *also* change height. i made my head a bit bigger, made neck a little longer, as well as my torso and legs, and brought my arms down to a full 100, and i also pulled in my saddle bags a teensy bit too. the result made me a tiny bit taller (as my digits post says, i was 179cm tall before && am now 181cm tall), but brought most of my proportions more into the adult average range.

if you excuse my flipper-feet, default hands and no hair… you can see how much closer to 7.5 heads tall i am now. i used this model shape tool i spied in strawberry singh‘s post && after adjusting it to my new height, i was able to check to see how my proportions line up with the “ideal”.

it’s not perfect and i didn’t expect it to be (nor did i really *want* it to be, either), but my overall proportions are a lot better i think. give or take a few areas where i am above or below the average, and the fact that my arms simply cannot be long enough with the sliders (but! wearing larger slider hands && the slink mesh hand attachments *does* help elongate the arms a bit more!), i am mostly in line with where i’d like to be. as i said in my post on my digits, i always thought my avatar was petite and young looking, but also very adult, and now my proportions reflect that.. rather than being closer to the too-young side of the averages.

so what do we think? did i do a good job? are the changes subtle enough to not change the way i look *too* much, or are the changes still not enough? i’d like to hear your thoughts! ^_^

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  1. You did a great job and I had to look like three times…very subtle indeed:) and very nice

  2. I’m still looking..I can’t really tell a huge difference, so you did a great job! 🙂

  3. Not a big difference but I see it, looking great!

    • yeah indeed, just enough to stop myself from thinking “i’m proportioned like a 12-year-old” lol. thank you, berry ❤


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