day 27: a different kind of virtual world

i *love* minecraft. it currently is, and has been for a few years now, one of my absolute favorite games. it offers a lot of what i love about second life, but in an entirely different kind of virtual world..

a different kind of virtual world

but i thought it was fitting to blog here, for avatar blogger crossfit month, because while a lot of the blogs i’ve seen participating are focused on second life… the challenge itself is about any virtual world. and for that, minecraft definitely fits.

plus i’m vixxie in minecraft just like i’m vixxie in second life (by name *and* appearance, see that blonde hair up there in my minecraft avatar?!), so i figured it might be a nice change of scenery~

and such pretty scenery it is!

now, don’t get me wrong.. i realize that by AAA video game standards, minecraft’s graphics are not the most spectacular. in fact, to get the shiny water and pretty shadows, i had to download and install a shaders mod that is not included in the vanilla game. but even without the shadows and shaders, with just the regular old blocky default textures… i think minecraft can be really beautiful.

the views range from thick forests, to snow-capped mountains, to rocky hills, to dry deserts… each biome offers something different. just wandering around, you can find mossy jungle ruins in one area && maybe..

..a flock of sheep, grazing by a river bank in the next area.

it’s all so immersive, blocky world or not. once you start playing, you stop seeing the world as just a bunch of squares.. and you’re sucked in to a sandbox where you can pretty much do whatever you fancy.

you can be creative and build whatever structure you can imagine. you can go dungeon crawling and fight unending armies of undead monsters. you can raise farms of golden wheat and potatoes and carrots and apples, mine into the magma-filled depths, go off on an exploration that literally can never end if you don’t want it to. you can fortify your home base against the baddies that spawn at night or you can embrace them and fight until morning light every day. you can spend the day fishing by the coastlines…

a different kind of virtual world

or find and tame pets that will help protect you from the things that go bump in the night..

a different kind of virtual world

or you can find villages full of NPC traders, and either protect them from the zombies that are attracted to their homes by the droves… or aid the monsters in clearing out every last one of the villagers.

and remember that shaders mod i mentioned? the minecraft modding community is one of the richest i’ve seen for a game. there are mods and expansions and add-ons for everything you could possibly imagine. ones that add more animals, ones that add more monsters to fight, ones that add more foods or more armor or more weapons. mods that make the game easier or mods that make the game far harder. mods that add little things and mods that add options that completely change the way you play minecraft.

and of course, the indie game company that created minecraft, mojang, is *still* updating and creating content for the game. the newest update, said to come out at the beginning of july, includes something i am really looking forward to: horses! there’s been frequent updates and fixes ever since i bought the game and it keeps things new and fresh, which i really appreciate.

then there’s multiplayer servers, where you and a group of your friends can do all of that but together. it makes minecraft truly endless when it comes to possibilities for gameplay, and one of the reasons why i’ve not yet gotten bored of the game even after playing it since beta. bff vivi && i often run around on a server together.. battling enemies and building bases of epic proportions.

a different kind of virtual world

what i like most about second life is the ability to pretty much do whatever i want, however i want it, as whomever i want to be. and minecraft offers that same kind of sandbox for me to play in. it’s such a great game and the parallels between minecraft-vixxie and sl-vixxie are actually fairly close. except, y’know, in sl i live in a fabulous beach-side home while in minecraft… i tend to live in small wooden shacks by the water’s edge. but still, very similar! x)

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  1. SunBurntIcarus

     /  June 28, 2013

    Wonderfully written post. I do say, with the shaders mod installed for Minecraft, it can really add a lot more beauty to Minecraft(Not that it wasn’t there already). With those graphics, Minecraft could easily compete with other, more mainstream games focused on graphics quality. Nonetheless, a good post and a good read!

    • i agree! terrain generation has come a long way and sometimes, you really get some beautiful landscapes. đŸ™‚ and thanks very much for the compliment!


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