day 28: little dresses

there’s not much else that screams summertime quite like a cute little dress..

little dresses

excuse me while my inner fashion blogger is showing~

i mean, sure.. there’s swimsuits, short shorts, t-shirts && tank tops, but those i wear all the time. i’m one of *those* girls that’s not afraid to rock a bikini in the middle of winter if the mood strikes me. but ruffly, cutesy, casual dresses aren’t typically my thing, you see.

however! in spring and in summer, the warmer months of the year for me, i definitely cannot pass up something short and adorable. so far this year i’ve grabbed a couple from mon tissu, from the plastik, from fashionably dead, from teefy, from auxiliary…. and now this one, from miel, which is out (today only!) for 50L friday.

now if only i had a(nother) pair of *cough* perfect summer shoes *cough* for my feets, i’d be all set….

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