day 29: don’t be discouraged

i know i’m jumping the gun a teensy bit here, given the fact that the month doesn’t *actually* end until tomorrow, buuu~uuut…

don't be discouraged

well, i was feeling a little discouraged about some stuff today && remembered that i had lots of reasons not to feel that way at all.

in doing anything, in either life, it is very very easy to feel discouraged. whether you spend time comparing yourself to others, whether you don’t end up doing (or finishing) everything you want, whether things don’t work out the way you anticipate them to, whether you simply aren’t getting the feedback or the results or the attention or the reaction or the whatever you were hoping for.. i know all too well how easy it is to feel down about something. about anything. about *everything*.

and believe me, you are not alone in feeling this way. if you’re a content creator or not, if you’re a blogger or not, if you’re a forum user or a plurk user or even in second life at all.. i think it’s just kind of in human nature to feel discouraged about things you’re working on sometimes. it can be a little disappointment, or a whole lotta disappointment, or it can be anywhere in between.. but we’ve all felt it at one point in time, and i guess there is some comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one who has ever felt defeated.

it’s just that getting out of that funk.. that can be the difficult thing.

and i was feeling this way earlier today. things weren’t working out right from the time i woke up. i was feeling lonely and pitiful and just discouraged about everything, so much so that i honestly contemplated just taking a break from sl for the day && letting my blog go..

..until i realized that i was this close to finishing out avatar blogger month, and if i let my post go for today, i’d be shooting myself in the foot *so* close to the end. i mean, as i said, there’s only tomorrow left in june and then the challenge is over.

and with that realization, i came to a second one pretty quickly: that i’ve just about done it. that despite some time crunches, that despite not knowing what to blog half the time, that despite how i’d almost messed it up a couple of times… i’ve just about done it. i was 28 (now 29!) posts done of 30 and that in itself was an accomplishment. and was something to be proud of. i’d taken on a challenge and through the entire month, every single day, i’ve posted something here on my blog and i hadn’t given up.

it took a little while for all of this to come full circle in my head, but once it clicked.. i didn’t feel as discouraged anymore. i took this one little thing, the fact that i’m almost finished with this month of blogging everyday, and clung to it. it made me feel good, it made me feel *accomplished*, and even though it has absolutely nothing to do with what i was feeling disappointed about originally.. it let me feel the exact opposite way. it was a good thing, something i’ve done and something that i’m proud of myself for doing, and it was enough to replace the discouragement with happiness instead.

no matter how discouraged you feel, there is *always* something to be proud of. genuinely proud of. whether it’s something you’ve done in the past, are doing now, or are determined to complete in the future (like this challenge, for me!), then focus on that instead. realize that even if you feel badly about one thing, there are other things to feel fantastic about. and instead of dwelling on the disappointments, set your sights on the things you’re proud of… and suddenly the discouragement becomes so little that it ends up insignificant in comparison.

at least, that’s what worked for me!

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