day 30: i did it!

ah, the last day of june…

to some, it could simply mean that summer is going by way too fast. but for me? i’m really effin’ excited that it’s the end of june!

i did it!

it means i did it! i completed the avatar blogger crossfit challenge! blog everyday in june? don’t mind if i do (or did, i guess)!!

every single day of june, i posted something here on my blog. it wasn’t always substantial, or anything more than a picture and some words… and one day, even, didn’t have a picture at all.

but i talked about discouragements and about how life is so good sometimes.. i talked about my boobies and showed off my love for makeup tattoos. i took random pretty pictures, showed off my best friend’s wedding photos, and explored some wonderful sims that made fantastic backdrops for pics. i showed off my own creations, squealed about winning a contest, danced a naughty dance with a friend, and did a bunch of berry’s blogging memes.

all in all? it was a good month for me! i’m so proud of myself for taking on the challenge && actually completing it fully. it was fun and it was work and it was, certainly, a challenge… but i’m glad i did it! and i’m glad irez held it! i’m glad for the new blogs i’ve been reading, the new readers i’ve gained, and i have to say this sense of accomplishment… it feels good, man. real good!

now to take a break for a week and recoup!

…just kidding.


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  1. Congrats! Totally jealous that you did all 30 but so happy and proud! ❤

    • OMG Yes, so jealous because Berry, superwoman of the universe, only did 26 OMG — Slap! Slap!! Slap!!!

      Anyway Vixxie, I am with Berry, that’s so awesome and it was so great to have you be a part of our big adventure. And DO rest up while you can! You know it’s not that long till June 2014!!!

      When you do recover, maybe you’d like to post your BIG HEAD at the New Gallery!

      Hope to see you in-world soon!!

      xoxo, Van

      • oh gosh xD june 2014.. i think i will need the entire year to work myself up for that!

        and that’s an awesome gallery idea, i’d love to add a snapshot of mine there! thanks 😀

      • oh I knowwwww! haha, after I typed June 2014 I stopped… “Do I really wanna do that?” We’ll see… maybe not that… but another challenge for sure.

        Meanwhile… the gallery is open! Come on down!

    • you sweet thing ❤ thank you! grats to you, too! no one has to know you skipped a few 😉


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